Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Caribbean news. For decades, oral sex has been frowned upon in Jamaica and in Dancehall.  However over the years we have seen a gradual shift in people’s attitude towards oral sex.  In recent times a slew of artists have come out in favour of females who perform oral sex.  However, they still condemn men doing the deed.  Even though still frowned upon in the dancehall arena, there are still a few men who come out openly and say that they have very active oral cavities.

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Not until now did a dancehall artist come out in support of men performing oral sex.  This artist, whose name is J Amsterdam, hails from Portmore.  His new single, “Come Wine ina Me Face” has attracted a lot of attention.  It has managed to reach over 20, 000 hits on YouTube in just four days.  As the title of the song suggests, he is singing about performing oral sex.

His moniker is the Messiah for the freaks.  According to an interview done with the Star, J Amsterdam prides himself as the voice for the voiceless freaks that are afraid to stand up and be counted.  Also he asserted that the market is here in Jamaica for his type of music.

It would seem that he is correct in saying that the market is present in Jamaica for his style of music if the number of views and comments on YouTube are anything to go by.  Even if the market is mainly females; the market is still there.  The comments from females on YouTube suggest that they appreciate J Amsterdam’s content.  The comments from the men are however along the lines of disapproval.  This of course is not at all surprising.

So I am now waiting to see which other dancehall artist will be hopping on the taboo train of fallatio to keep J Amsterdam’s company.