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Jamaican Reggae Artiste Codiana Releases New Song

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Cody-Ann Pinnock is a Jamaican, she currently resides in the Parish of St. Catherine. Cody-Ann Pinnock, who goes by the name of “Codi Ana”, is twenty-One (21) years of age and presently pursuing a career in the music industry as an Artiste. With her music she wishes to be impactful to people’s lives and to inspire change in the hearts of anyone who has ever thought of giving up; giving them a sense of hope that everything is possible through Christ, who gives us strength to go on every single day. Codi Ana believes that music is her ideal form of self-expression, allowing her to let go and feeling liberated, describing it as her “happy place”. Codi Ana is always surrounded by music whether in church, at home, on the road, in solitude or with family & friends; making it near impossible for her to resist the call to pursue professionally. She discovered her talent from a tender age and since then has never stopped singing; always being an active member of her church choir, school choir, as well as participating in a few talent shows. However, despite her active roster she can be quite the shy one with her powerhouse voice. Codi Ana later discovered her song writing skills around the age of 16/17 years and began to put them to use penning her own songs and performing to her family and friends from whom she would get astonishing feedback which gave her the push to continue writing her journey. Codi Ana decided to start her music journey when she met Rickardo Bernard who is her present Manager. Mr. Bernard showed a great interest in Codi Ana’s attitude and talent, loving how passionate she is about her craft and has never once given up on her but encourages her to make the best of her ability. Codi Ana is a go-getter and as a result knows that any goal she sets her sights on will be achieved. Her personality is a breath of fresh air and her aura speaks of joviality. Codi Ana intends to work diligently towards her musical aspirations in order to unlock every single success in her music journey. 



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