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Jamaica:Big Production for Sting 30

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Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. Sting 30 seems to be gearing up to be a big bashment.  The staple of Sting, which is clashes, will be a part of the package this year in a big way; with the winners of the clashes walking away with 30,000 USD which is the equivalent of 3 million JMD.

According to the new Sting investor, Joseph Bogdanovich, the reigning clash king, Kiprich will be a contender for the clash cash prize.  He will compete with one of 4 or more persons who prove themselves worthy of facing the king.

This year’s production will also be available on pay per view worldwide for those who will not be able to make it.  So big is this year’s production that, they have managed to secure sponsorship from the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Though the Downsound Boss was reluctant to name a figure as to the cost of production for Sting 30, we could all assume from all the information we have been given that this year’s Sting production cost will be multiple times more than most of us have in our bank accounts.

Macka Diamond Photo courtesy urbanislandzcom

Macka Diamond. Photo courtesy urbanislandz.com

This year will also see some international faces such as Wyclef Jean and 2Chainz.  Veterans such as Supercat and of course Ninja Man will also feature among the headliners, alongside, the regular dancehall heavyweights and Reggae soldiers.

The hype behind this year’s staging is such that Lady Saw seems to be willing to put her Christianity oh hold to “dun a gyal” by the name of Macka Diamond in a clash and walk away with the 3 million dollar cash prize.

The press hype is present, along with social media hype.  The lineup of artists look attractive and the clash feature looks appealing this year as well; especially is Macka Diamond accepts Lady Saw’s invitation for that clash.

Let’s see if enough media hype was generated to encourage people to dig deep into their pockets in these hard economic times.



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