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Caribbean Evaluators International (CEI)  WEEK: Wednesday, October 1 to Thursday, October 4

Dr Kevin D Frick PhD Professor Photo courtesy visionimpactinstituteorg

Dr. Kevin D. Frick, PhD Professor. Photo courtesy visionimpactinstitute.org

Caribbean news. KINGSTON, JM ?CEI Week  is for engaging and sharing with  members; governments; funders; civil society; students; other stakeholders and the  media about the  role of evaluation in supporting social, and economic development throughout the English-Speaking and CARICOM Caribbean.

The planned series of events aims to provide training opportunities relating to the tools, techniques and the practice of evaluation free of charge to participants.

The week is themed “Engage CEI” because we hope that members, stakeholders, and the media will join us to learn more about the CEI, the International Year of Evaluation (2015), and to  benefit from the learning opportunities presented.

October also marks the 9th month since the CEI has been in existence; and since the English Speaking and CARICOM Caribbean is proudly represented on the world map of Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs). The series of events for the week will include:

Messages by:

  • Therese Turner-Jones, Country Manager,  Inter-American Development Bank
  • Pablo Rodriguez- Bilella, Member of the IOCE and IDEAS Boards, Former member of the ReLAC Board

Workshop presenters include:

  • Dr. Kevin D. Frick, PhD  Professor and Vice Dean for Education, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • Jessica Broome, PhD Survey Methodology, University of Michigan
  • Claudia Nicholson,  Masters in Economics and expert in Impact Evaluation
  • Professor Marco Vinicio Espinal Martínez,  Consejo Nacional de Competitividad (CNC)

We would be honoured if you would join us during the CEI Media Connect for celebrating, learning and sharing about how the CEI plans to contribute to the development  and appropriate use of evaluation in member countries. Please see the attached for a full schedule of activities for the week; all events will be held online. CEI WEEK – Schedule of Actitivities v 2 1 1

We would appreciate if you could share the opportunity contained in the attached schedule of activities and this release  with your readers. We thank you in advance for supporting us in the matter

Journalists and communicators  who specialize in local, national, and regional development will find the events to be useful.

Contact: Meegan Scott

[email protected]

About CEI

Caribbean Evaluators International is a non-profit professional development and educational organization that facilitates the development of the skills of Caribbean Evaluators; development professionals; and the evaluation capacity of 26 countries in the English-Speaking Caribbean including Haiti and the Dominican Republic (CARICOM affiliates). Incorporated in Jamaica, the CEI delivers its services and manages its operations largely through an Internet based platform that enables the participation of its global leadership and membership.

The mission of the CEI is to accelerate the achievement of the Caribbean development results by increasing individual and national evaluation capacity, ensuring access to relevant local research, as well as by growing

Caribbean Evaluators International? is the Region’s Voluntary Organization of Professional Evaluators (VOPE) that is recognized by the International Organization for Development Evaluation (IOCE).

CEI aims to be the preeminent voice and leader in the development of Caribbean Evaluation. The CEI also seeks to reverse the impact of brain drain in the Region by engaging and including Caribbean serving evaluators and development professionals in Diaspora as regular members and among the leadership of the CEI.



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