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I’m In Love With A Pick Pocket Who Robbed Me!

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick, 

I am so embarrassed. I was  with this woman at a dance and we were having a great time. Can you imagine that she “hit me and ran”? I mean, literally when I caught myself, she stole my wallet. That money was for my child’s mother for her to buy some books for the opening of school. I feel like going after her because I know where she lives and she was rubbing up on me all night long. It was only after she left my side that I am now realising what went on with me and she. I tell you it is that woman. Look, I just have to write to you because I normally read your column and maybe my child’s mother. My other girl reads these columns now and again and I am thinking that this may be a way to solve the problem I created. Besides writing to you, what else should I do? Report this to the police? She has a good job you know and this lime we were having was just one of those extra experiences you know. 

Feeling stupid! 

Dear Feeling stupid!

Why the embarrassment? I was confused a bit there when you said she hit you and ran. You mean she stole your money. (laugh) I am sorry but you must have been at that dance way past your bedtime. IS it because a woman tricked you or is it because you have to face up to the reality of not having money to finance your own child’s education? What do you call having a great time? Why did you go to a dance with this woman and besides that, you took a big fat wallet with you, with all your money? Correction – your child’s school money.  I am sick of this. Your child’s education is really important.  Get it in your head, man.  I mean, go dance with whomever you want to dance with and if it wasn’t that I am so sorry for your child, I would have said, it serves you right to be “tricked” by this woman.

Now, I have to turn the story on the other side too. If the woman or one of her friends is reading this submission you made, I am kindly asking her to have a little pity on you and return the money.  School reopens soon in some Caribbean territories and parents need the assistance to send their children to school with a book bag, new socks, new belts, books, pencils and so on. Look, anyhow you take this, it’s not going to end well for either of you if the child’s mother knows what you have done and to whom the money has gone.

Does she even know that you have another sweet girl on the side? You are bold! Is it from this column that she is going to know that you have another woman? Wait… wait, I can’t believe this. Did you fool her about your whereabouts? Finally, I am hoping that all three of you are reading this post. What are you going to the police for? You both (sweet chick and you) were mutually consenting adults who end up at a dance behind the back of your child’s mother. The sweet girl stole all your money as you say. What exactly are you going to tell the police? She certainly did not rob you. Get another job and do so in time to get enough money to take care of your child’s needs. 

Ta… Ta…

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

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