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Grenada High Commissioner To UK Hon. Rachér Croney’s Independence Message

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Dear Fellow Grenadians and Friends of Grenada:

It is with unbounded pride, honour, and elation that I add my voice to those from every conner of this world in celebration of Grenada’s golden jubilee. What makes it even more profound, is that I do so, not only as Grenada’s High Commissioner, but as a proud daughter of the soil.

Fifty years ago, Grenada emerged from the shadow of colonial rule, asserting its sovereignty, and embracing the principle of self-determination. It was a bold and courageous step taken by our forefathers, who envisioned a future where Grenadians could chart their own destiny. We pay tribute to those visionaries and architects of our independence.

We laud the resilience of our people, who, through unwavering determination and unity, paved the way for the birth of an independent Grenada, and nurtured her for half a century. Our journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs, but together, we have built a nation that stands tall in the global community. It is our ability to adapt, overcome, and evolve that unites us, while the principles of democracy, justice and respect define us.

As we commemorate this milestone, let us not merely bask in the glory of our achievements, but be emboldened to tackle the challenges that lies ahead. Our journey has only begun, and there is much work to be done to continue building a Grenada that thrives in the 21st century. We must embrace innovation, invest in education, and foster sustainable development to ensure that our nation

remains a beacon of progress, and a home for many generations. Our role as Grenadians in the diaspora is to help this vision become a reality. To the diaspora, you are an integral part of the interwoven thread that hold the seams of our spice island together, and a crucial part of nation building.

It is my hope that during my time within the United Kingdom, we will continue to work together to propel the country’s socio-economic development. This task can only be accomplished with the help of each of you. As Grenada’s envoy within the United Kingdom, I endeavour to represent the ideals of our nation, promote our rich heritage, advocate for change, and lobby for inclusiveness, and unity. I charge each of you to continue flying the flag high and to deepen the bonds of integration, togetherness, and unity with one shared purpose – Grenada first. Today, and every day, let us proudly represent the red, green, and gold.

On this 50th anniversary of independence, let us fan the flames of hope armed with renewed vigour, determination, and an ignited passion to build a nation that we, and future generations can be proud of in the next 50 years – One People, One Journey, One Future!! May the patriotic fire burn brighter in our hearts and inspire a generation of visionary leaders who are willing to break the mould and be the game-changers of tomorrow.

Together, let us aspire, build, and advance as one people, and one family – May God bless our nation.

Happy Independence Day, Grenada!



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