Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Caribbean. “Everyone seems to be getting out their voices, I wanted to let my Christian voice to be heard” said Marlon Focus, self-taught videographer, actor and comedian.  The picture above depicts a scene from one of his creative pieces called “I Got Some Bad News!”. So unchristian-like right? Well, that’s why one should never judge a book by its cover.

Marlon on the right

Marlon on the right

I found out about Marlon through a post on Facebook. I saw him with the knife and his cousin (I later found out) with the shovel and was intrigued. It’s so easy to stalk people on Facebook (not something I normally do) and found a link to his videos on Youtube. Mere seconds within watching one of his videos, my sister and I started to ‘pap up’ as we say in Jamaica. No doubt he was funny!
 Marlon has a natural knack for the camera. Though he’s in the amateur stages of video production, he is doing a good job. His topics are mainly centered around his life as a man and a Christian. He talks about eveyday issues that everyone can relate to. His videos are authentic, light-hearted, entertaining and sometimes thought-provoking. One such video is “Myths About Marriage” (See video below).

Marlon loves what he does. Though the journey of being a successful videographer is a rocky one, he never gives up. Every two weeks he releases a new video made by the equipment he saved to buy. His friends volunteer to be his co-stars and are some of his biggest supporters. Marlon did a video thanking God, his biggest supporter when he got his new camera.
His exact words were “The Lord has seen it fit to bless me with a camera upgrade”. I have a feeling that the Lord has much more great things in store for this young man. You can support him in your own way by watching,subscribing, commenting, liking or sharing his videos on Youtube. Just click on the video link above or search for Marlon Focus.