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DJ War’s Top 5 Reggae Songs (March)

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Happy Sunday to you and yours! Hope you have had a blessed week and are having a relaxing Sunday and mother’s day! DJ War, London’s No1 mixtape DJ has been hard at work creating some masterful mixes for your listening pleasure (available at deejaywar.com), not only that but he’s also launched his podcast series! The first episode, a 74 minute mix featured the latest and best Dancehall tunes – have a listen and download free here. Along with that we also let you know his favorite Dancehall picks of March, take a look if you haven’t already…You won’t be disappointed.
However, today being Sunday and mothering Sunday at that we thought we’d treat you to a more easy listening vibe with the top 5 Reggae cuts of the month. As Caribbeans I’m sure we’ll all appreciate the strong associations between Sundays (especially mornings) and sweet Reggae vibes! This selection will form the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday morning cooking and I’m sure the mums out there will appreciate one new track on the list in particular…from a certified Reggae/Lover’s Rock favorite and legend!
Let’s get into the countdown!
Busy Signal is having a great spell of music at the moment; releasing ‘bangers’ consistently. Our readers will notice a track from the artist was featured on March’s Dancehall countdown, showing his versatility the artist’s collaboration with upcoming artist Esco Levi and young Romain Virgo is a worthy mention on the Reggae top 5. The track addresses the ongoing battle between ganja smokers and law enforcement – asserting that the punishment for possession of the narcotic is too harsh! “Running from the law, for one likkle draw, one likkle draw…Please Mr. Officer, fi sleep inna jail mi an’ mi frien’ dem nuh wan’.” Check out ‘Running from the Law.’
This track is definitely an ‘old’ meets ‘new’ rendition which works well. Reggae pioneer Marcia Griffiths teams up with Exco Levi for his second feature on the list, on ‘Love is a Treasure.’ The two artists definitely find a common ground on the song to make the collaboration work wel. Griffiths, who is no stranger to working with newer artists (such as Busy signal on the similarly themed ‘Love is Automatic) has released the tune as part of the upcoming Marcia and Friends Album. This one definitely has me swaying! Take a listen below.

‘I Know’ is a cut off the Ghetto Lifestyle Riddim, but Reggae songstress is certainly a class act! The quality of the artist’s vocals and songwriting as usual are of a very high quality. Unsurprisingly she is one of the most respected ‘modern’ day female Reggae vocalists, asserting a genuine sense of her artistry and passion for Reggae music. Love is definitely at the forefront of Alaine’s mind and this one is likely to have you feeling sentimental for that special someone in your life. It may be an idea to archive it for inclusion on your anniversary or Valentine’s playlist! Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself..
Ring the alarm! Beres is BACK and sounding as good as ever. As cne of my personal favorite artists of all time I may be a little biased in saying I think this track is a masterpiece, set to be a classic Beres track! In My Arms is signature of Beres’ smooth and sultry sound, timeless, ‘a work of art’ you may say, in the words of the artist on the song. Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes. I’ll say no more because I could write an essay about this one! Let’s let it speak for itself, press play below:

Another favorite. Or should I say favorites… It’s favorites all around! I-Octane and Tarrus Riley on one track = Reggae Gold. It is that simple! ‘All We Need Is Love’ taken from I-Octane’s highly anticipated debut album Crying to the Nation advocates love, not only between couples, but brothers, sisters and nations of the Earth. “All we need, all we need is love, brotherly love, sisterly love, love” the emphatic lyrics from the chorus are extremely catchy and will be on the tip of your tongue all day after a couple of listens (believe me if you are a Reggae lover you will reload this one multiple times). Like the sound of this one? Then you’ll definitely like the rest of the album, which is highly recommended! For now check out I-Octane and Singy Singy spreading good vibes on this one yah!

Enjoyed this countdown? Share it, Tweet it and remember to check back for April’s countdown next month…

But that’s not it! DJ War has also released a free to download podcast for us Reggae lovers! Listen, download and subscribe for more great Reggae vibes. Check it out here.



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