Decarlo Oakley, Fitness Contributor

It becomes a habit saying we will do it later and never get started, and if you believe you can not do it you will not do it. Believe in yourself and you will succeed but it will take time, not days just be patient.

Well here is where we start.

10 Minute warm up and coordination.

1st we are going to start with walking or marching on the spot. Find a space that is safe in the home and away from any danger to yourself.

Now keep your feet together and raise your knees hip height singlely, do this for 2 minutes at a reasonable pace, then increase the tempo (speed) for a further 2 minutes.

Next we will transfer from side to side with a bend to the floor, keep your head high, shoulders back and your bottom low. As you step to the side say the left, raise the right leg off the floor, bend your left leg and take your right hand to your left foot, the lower you go the more effective the movement will be.

Using your arms in sequence with your legs will help you to learn to coordinate both arms and legs, right arm left leg and left arm right leg, that is the sequence, (the more muscles used together at the same time increases the cardio vascular system of the body).

Now that you have learned how to get the body warm, next we will start using more coordinating movements.
Decarlogy (Live Objectively Gain Youthfulness)

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