Decarlo Oakley, Fitness Contributor

This week coordination and flexion.

Before we start a few words of encouragement.

1.    Believe in yourself and you will succeed.
2.    Inspire yourself and you will inspire others.
3.    Health first, ignorance last.

Week 1. 10 Minute warm up and coordination.
Week 2. 10 Minute coordination and flexion.

Today we start (part 2) with high kicks to hand, left kick to right hand & right kick to left hand.
All kicks should be as high as possible for maximum flexion of the muscles in the legs and to reach full impact of your workout.

It is important that you lean into every kick so that you don’t put strain on the lower spine and back muscle, so take your time, be in control of your movement and put the technique first.

Now for the add on, raise the knee first, high into the chest with your arms embracing the leg, make sure you lean forward into the knee raise and then put the leg down and continue with the kick to the opposite hand, now carry on with is this for as long as you can.

Try to set a time limit or choose a high number for yourself to reach, with this method you can see how well you are improving.

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Until next chapter have fun and stay positive, keep your head high and
believe in yourself.
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