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Caribbean news. The management of CaribDirect Multi-Media is very pleased to announce the success of the launch of the CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN) last evening at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission.

CIBN Launch Event

(L-R. Mr Kedrick Malone, Director BVI House; Councillor Althea Smith, H.E Dr Ernest Hilaire, High Commissioner for St Lucia and H.E Ms Francine Baron.

The event which was severely oversubscribed (120 registered; 10 no shows; 125 attendees) is by far and away the most popular event of CaribDirect Multi-Media to date.

Distinguished attendees included St Lucia High Commissioner H.E Dr Ernest Hiliare and H.E Ms Francine Baron, High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Dominica; Mr Kedrick Malone, Overseas Territory Representative for the British Virgin Islands and Director of BVI House; Minister Counsellor for Antigua and Barbuda Mrs Althea Banahene and former Southwark Mayor Councillor Mrs Althea Smith.

CIBN Launch Event

                                      Mr Michael Clark, director Rockstar Business World

Special guests included Ms Eryca Freemantle, award winning celebrity and international make up artist; Mr Paul Gladstone-Reid, internationally acclaimed singer, composer and director; Tourism executive Ms Fiona Anderson, senior account director McCluskey International and several travel company representatives including Ms Laverne Walker, director Sackville Travel Services; Dr Christopher A. Johnson, director Global Enterprise Development Services, Ms Lorna Stewart, founder / director  Black 100 +, Mr Paul Comyn director of multimillion pound company, Pitchcom, and many many more.

CIBN Launch Event

    Mr Ron Belgrave, director Sankofa Televisual

Following pointed presentations from David F. Roberts, CEO CaribDirect Multi-Media, Roy McEwen Trade and Strategy Director and Business Development Director, Tracey Williams about the vision, ethos and membership opportunities of CIBN, respectively, the guest speakers took to the podium.

First to speak was Koprinka Aksaray from Freedom Bay St Lucia who outlined the value to the St Lucia economy and locals of the hotel development and established the link with CIBN as important not only to the sustainability of the project but the need to be a part of a dynamic network of enterprising entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities.

CIBN Launch Event

                         Mr Patrick Campbell, director OHTV and 1HeartTV

Her business partner Sean Freckleton, director of Affinity Legacy Planning spoke briefly on the importance of protecting and preserving wealth in the community and the relevance of the CIBN network to facilitate his company’s ability to reach potential clients.

Mike Clark director Rockstar Business World spoke about the importance of mentoring and coaching for entrepreneurs and businessmen and women and how CIBN is ideal for nurturing and preparing them for the real world of business.

Following Mike Clark was Ron Belgrave, director Sankofa Televisual who replaced Carol Hay, Director of Marketing UK and Europe who recently suffered the loss of one of her staff. Ron spoke on the value of Caribbean media as an avenue for investment. He made the point that being part of CIBN was critical to successfully bringing Caribbean government representatives together with entrepreneurs to develop the media potential of the Caribbean.

CIBN Launch Event

                             Mr Sean Freckleton, director Affinity Legacy Planning

The final speaker was Patrick Campbell, director OHTV and founder 1Heart TV. Patrick looked at the pressing need for ‘unity’ within the African and Caribbean community and the importance of trust and trusting each other. His call for the community to support the new 1Heart TV channel was premised on the notion that together we can make the channel successful which would, in effect, change the way we see ourselves, treat each other and approach business. He endorsed CIBN as being integral to realise those values.

CIBN Launch Event

Mr David F. Roberts, CEO CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited

A minute’s silence was observed to recognise the sterling work Ms Veronica St Louis did at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation London office over the years.

From all who attended, the event was a huge success as attendees learnt of the vision of CIBN: To facilitate and Connect entrepreneurs and business people in the UK with Caribbean government and business representatives for trade and investment.

CIBN Launch Event

There were immediate CIBN membership signings and interest in the services of CaribDirect Multi-Media. In the words of Ron Belgrave, ‘the event was a Rip Roaring Success’.

This event signals the third successful CaribDirect event in a row. We thank all our volunteers and contractors for their invaluable support and special thanks to the High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, H.E Garvin Nicholas for the use of the Trinidad and Tobago venue and his continued support for the work of CaribDirect Multi-Media.





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