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Church Elder I Slept With Years Ago Pretends He Doesn’t Know Me…!

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick,

At a recent Church Crusade in Barbados, I felt impressed to accept a call to change my life.  I used to be a party girl and then if I am to be truthful, I slept with about three men from the same Church but they were from different branches of this same church. I remembered that one of the guys said that he was from the north of the island.

To my surprise, that guy was now one of the Elders I remembered very well simply because he had a tattoo on that special little finger of his right hand. (You know what I mean) He was the same person who welcomed me into this same church now that I am baptised. I don’t remember the names of the other two guys but this special one with his little finger and the tattoo had the heart to look me in the eye and welcome me as if nothing happened. True, we were both young and restless in those days but, surely he must remember me.

Still restless but not so much!
Dearest Still restless but not so much,
No! I don’t know what you mean when you speak of that “tattoo” and “special little finger”. That is your version of events and your recollection of tattoos and little fingers. Be that as it may, the guy may not recall the event nor you as an individual who may have had some sort of sexual experience and encounter with him and the other guys. I am afraid to ask whether the encounter was a foursome but then again, stranger things reportedly have occurred in this world. That is not the point though as you are now questioning whether your identity is identifiable to him, I only have your words and it does seem that he may not recall who you are at all.
From what I have gathered from lived experiences of others, some men and women are oblivious at times as to what sexual encounter they may have had and with whom. This should be a reminder to many that not all sexual encounters are created equal…
Still restless? I urge you to seek counselling and I doubt whether you should reveal yourself to that young man who is now an Elder. He too may have matured and pray earnestly to forget you.
May I suggest that you move away from that church (not that you are running but…) you did say that you are still “restless but not so much”. The good book says, “flee youthful lusts and “flee fornication”. So yes, get out of town or country for your own spiritual sake.
Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

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