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Chef Ricardo Mother’s Day Recipe

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Caribbean news. Here is the recipe for the Mothers Day treat. Fried turkey served with new potato mixed vegetable and cheese sauce.

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Chef Ricardo

1 kilo of slice boneless turkey

teaspoon of paprika

teaspoon of turkey seasoning

pinch of herb

teaspoon of all purpose seasoning

2 egg

2 cups of vegetable oil

Large cup of plain flour

1 kilo new potato

1 kilo of mixed vegetable (broccoli, carrot, crochet)

lemon juice/vinegar

how to season the flour

teaspoon of turkey seasoning

pinch of pepper

teaspoon of paprika

teaspoon of all purpose seasoning

How to make the white cheese sauce

1 glass of milk

teaspoon of plain flour

pinch of pepper

hand full of grated cheese

1 large teaspoon of pepper butter




First wash off the turkey with lemon juice or malt vinegar with cold water, then add the paprika, all purpose, turkey seasoning and the eggs to the turkey.

Place a medium size pot on the stove gas mark 6 ( medium temperature), leave it on for ten minutes to heat.

Mix all the ingredients to the flour, rub up the turkey and coat it with the flour. Place the turkey into the frying pan and fry each slice for Severn minutes.

After all are fried place them into the oven for 10 minutes.

Place the vegetables in a pot on the stove and steam it for 10 minutes, add another pot for your new potato and cook it for 15 minutes if not cook add an extra 5 minutes (add salt or oil if necessary)


Put the butter into a pot, melt it for 5 minute, add the flour and mix it after mix add the milk and mix it again for 5 more minutes

Preparation: time 45 minutes, serves 4 people

Happy Mothers Day and this recipe was formed by Chef Ricardo hope every mother enjoys this recipe this mothers day.

Check this video below:

Please visit my website www.chefricardo.co.uk

Yours sincerely

Chef Ricardo



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