Lifestyle Contributor Emma Joyce

Coming up with a special way to spend holidays with your family is always a challenge. This is especially hard if you have children and want to create a special day for everyone. Many families enjoy this time of the year the most and this is the time they’ve been waiting for all year long. There are many ways you can spend this Christmas and turn it into a unique experience for your whole family. Preparing and planning everything might take a while, but if you start on time, you can create some of the best memories and remember this Christmas as one of the best you’ve ever had. 

Find a vacation rental

If you want to go somewhere but don’t want to stay at a hotel, opting for a vacation rental is one of the best options your family can choose. Many people who rent out these properties try to create idyllic holiday-inspired interiors in order to attract renters, and this is perfect for families who love festive decorations but don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying new ones every single year. From a beach property to a secluded house in the mountains, there are many options to choose from. You can even make this a family tradition and spend your holidays in different destinations around the globe year after year.

Small town festivities

There are lots of popular places you may want to visit, but there are also various small towns that are true gems and can turn out to be more wonderful than you can imagine. Try to find a small town that’s secluded and doesn’t attract too many tourists, and explore how the locals are spending their holidays. This can be a great way to add a new element to your family traditions and do something that’s totally out of your comfort zone. Many small towns around the world insist on having picturesque decorations all over the place, and this will take your holiday to a whole new level.

Photo courtesy James Wheeler, Unsplash