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Are Africans At The Bottom Of The Pile?

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There’s no question that Asians are on the ascendancy. Chinese dominate world finance to the extent that they own at least 50% of world economy. It’s no secret that Europe’s most dangerous man—Vladimir Putin kow-tows to Xi Jinping. USAmerica is definitely leery of Beijing, and the rest of the world wants to be like China—sans Taiwan, Falun Gong and Uyghurs challenges.

The other Asians are not too shabby either. Indian descent Rishi Sunak is Britain’s Prime minister, Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is of Indian descent; Scotland recently elected a First Minister of Asian (Pakistani) descent; mixed race African-Indian Kamala Harris, is vice president of USAmerica, so on and so forth. Taken with the proliferation of Asian millionaires and billionaires, leadership of foremost multinational companies such as: Microsoft, Google and Starbucks; growing control of world financial systems, and domination of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies, one could say that this is shaping up to be an Asian Century, maybe even millennia.

So, what does this mean for Africans or Black people? Where does it leave us in world status stakes? One could argue that at the beginning of Twentieth Century liberation struggles against colonialism; and at the dawn of political independence, Asians and Africans were level pegging. Neck and neck in the race for socio-economic development. Now Asians are outstripping Africans —leaving them in their dusty wake.

It’s generally believed that Africans are at the bottom of world socio-economic disorder. Many Black people believe this and are allowing themselves to be taken-in by it. But is this really the case? Whose lens are we looking through?

Surely not people who’ve steered the world onto a precipice. To a place with damaged and rapidly deteriorating environment, causing: devastating floods in Pakistan, Europe and worldwide. Catastrophic fires in Hawaii, Australia and America. Large scale migration of peoples from environmentally damaged, war-torn and economically destitute countries—made worse by imperialistic foreign policy or downright military destabilisation.

A disordered world in which Supremacies have not only abused the planet’s environment; but have managed to damage their own fertility in process of doing so. Consequently, large unpopulated areas are growing in countries like Japan, Spain, France, Albania, Poland, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria. These are countries where immigration is forbidden; while migrants die in the Med for want of refuge. Who will do the low-paid work for these economies—robots? Surely these countries are heading in the wrong direction—at the rate of knots.

Italy is rapidly declining too. It is quintessential western civilisation—with its celebrated art, style, cuisine and architecture—yet its economically decrepit. We won’t talk about the economic prospects of Greece, USAmerica and UK yet. France may soon have to sell off the family silver to survive; as its clingy colonial tentacles are being gradually prized off Africa’s neck.

Even China and India have now placed themselves on the extinction road to supremacy. What does it matter to gain the whole world only to lose your soul—by way of becoming extinct. Even- though together their population number 3billion, Indian and Chinese fertility rates are showing serious signs of decline. This is partly due to anti-social factors; such as lack of affordable childcare and excessive work. In China’s case, their wrong-headed one child population control policies implemented in 1979, ending in 2016, have not helped. But by and large Asian and Caucasian population decline is due mainly to the fact that they possess at least 5 percent of the dreaded Neanderthal DNA—earmarked for extinction.

Who will they call upon to upgrade their DNA? Why, Africans of course!

So, let’s ask this question again: “Are Africans bottom of the pile?”The answer is Hell-no! Africans made the human pile and topped it for many millennia; until Mansa Musa, Fourteenth Century ruler of the Mali empire, flaunted his gold bars too close to the Mediterranean enemy. Reminds me of Icarus. Simplistic analogy yes, but it works for me. I’ve never liked people who flaunt their wealth. Why the hell was he walking around with it. Damn show off! Now look what he got Africans into!!

Nevertheless, Africans can never be at the bottom of humanity. It’s the same as saying that God is at the bottom of humanity. We all know that God—whether you believe in her or not — is in a pile of one.

The Second Coming

The fact is that Africans are coming again— while everyone else is going permanently— some faster than others. Africans may well be the only Sapiens left on Earth in less than a millennium. Having said that, Africans must unite, otherwise they could be relieved of their vast mineral resources and destroyed long before then. This is what supremacists are now hard at work trying to do—while keeping feet on neck. Article By: Claudine Boothe courtesy BEST UK IMAGES PRODUCTION LTD. (https://bukimage.com/africans-global-status/)



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