Sylbourne Sydial

Director of the FFBJ, Sylbourne Sydial

Community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica organised by Think Tank & Lobby Group Facilitators For a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) AirFare Lobbying campaign continues and is calling it’s third Community Consultative Meeting in Birmingham. The campaign is intensifying in seeking for the reduction of airfares to Jamaica and the Caribbean and to increase baggage allowances from one suitcase to two suitcases to Jamaica.

The objective is for the airfares to go down to around the £500.00 mark, and for the baggage allowances to  revert to two suitcases and if this does not happen there will be further action with the possibility of a boycott affecting both airlines financially.

­­­“We are pressing on with the campaign and it is exciting. The support and encouragement has strengthened our resolve for this worthy cause.” Saffron Jackson

“We are now over 12,500 signatures a combination of online and paper petition and it is increasing. This is showing a strong community interest. It is exciting as the Midlands and other cities around the UK and Internationally are not just being sympathetic but also joining the campaign and now we are headed to Birmingham” ~ Sylbourne Sydial

Our next Community Consultation meeting for “Community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica & Caribbean”

When:                  Saturday 7th December 2013

Where:                Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church, 300 Soho Road, Handsworth Birimingham, B21  9NA

Time:                    5-7pm


FFBJ flyer birmingham

Come and hear more about the campaign to date, come and get involved as well bring in your paper petition signatures if you had collected any.


“United We Stand and Success we will achieve”