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10 Ways To Boost Employee Satisfaction This Year

by Sarah Kaminski
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Why should employee satisfaction be important to managers?

It’s simple — a happy worker is a productive worker.

According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, productivity grows by more than 30 percent when employees are happy. Meanwhile, research done by Zippia among American workers showed that less than half of the participants were very satisfied with their jobs. What’s even more discouraging is that only 20 percent are passionate about what they do.

Since making your employees happy benefits both sides, here are ten ways to boost employee satisfaction in 2023.

Improve Communication

Improving overall workplace communication will make your employees feel more involved. After all, why should they care about a company that doesn’t speak to them?

Lexicon’s survey showed that more than 80% of employees consider communication the key to developing trust. The tactics for improving communication will depend largely on the size of your business. If you run a small business, this can be accomplished through regular meetings, chat apps, and emails notifying employees about news and updates. For larger companies, this can mean company-wide newsletters and other communication platforms.

Listen and Provide Feedback

Communication shouldn’t be one-sided, and it shouldn’t be reduced to company-wide notifications. Your employees are all different and complex persons that require your attention. Listen to them when they have workplace issues or even personal issues that may affect their productivity.

You can organize casual interviews and surveys. Also, provide individuals with feedback. This will let them know you are keeping track of their work. When they do something well, give them credit for it. When they make a mistake, talk to them about how to get it right the next time.

Give Recognition and Rewards

Speaking of positive feedback, a pat on the back isn’t always enough. People want to feel appreciated, and they want to know their contributions are valued.

Share notes of celebration for achieving goals or establish a reward system that motivates them. For example, reward extraordinary accomplishments with a day off, a gift basket, a weekend getaway, or something else that matches your possibilities.

Provide Your Team with Growth Opportunities

Employees are happier at their current position when they know it isn’t going to be their last one. They need to have an idea of their future in the company.

Support training and gaining skills that can prepare them for career development. For example, if your company is operating in the Latin American market, consider providing them with an opportunity to learn Spanish for business. Or, if a part of the business is based on public speaking, allow them to attend seminars (or webinars) on that topic.

Develop a Friendly Company Culture

While people appreciate having their personal and professional lives separated, we can’t argue that working ‘among friends’ boosts morale and makes it easier to spend six to eight hours in an office. To create a healthy, sociable workplace culture, encourage socializing and collaboration across departments, and create ‘hanging out’ zones for lunch breaks.

Implement Flexible Working Policies

Flexibility at work is becoming increasingly important. In fact, more than 80% of workers say they would be more loyal to a company that provides flexible work options. Along with that comes remote working as a sought-after option. So, try to get rid of the rigid 9-to-5 structure and come up with a model that will allow your employees to be productive with more flexible hours.

Promote Employee Health and Wellbeing

Any type of work can have an impact on employee wellbeing, regardless of whether we’re talking about stress-related problems or physical injuries in manual work. Workplace safety has to be every employer’s priority. This is to your benefit as well because health-related absenteeism can cost you money. So, encourage exercise, offer gym discounts, provide healthy snacks, and promote mental health. 

Improve the Workplace Environment

Office design is important, especially if you’re sticking to the standard nine-to-five structure. So, avoid cubicles and gray colors. Open up the floor plan but make sure to allow for some privacy. Reduce stress by getting ergonomic chairs and desks. Use plants and natural light to create a nature-friendly environment.

Let Your Employees Know That Their Jobs Are Safe

Your employees won’t work harder when they feel that they may lose their jobs if they’re not working hard enough or if they make a mistake. The reality is that they’ll feel anxious and won’t be able to perform well. Employment contracts that ensure the employment is long-term (including parental leave) are essential for employee satisfaction.

Pay Your Staff Well

The best answer is sometimes the simplest one. Paying fair wages is a key factor that can’t be replaced with bonuses or other rewards. It is also important that your staff’s salary doesn’t remain the same for years. Regular raises can be crucial incentives. Benefits such as company phones or cars can’t hurt either.

Wrapping up

Boosting your employees’ workplace satisfaction is in your absolute best interests as a company leader. Your business would be nothing without the people who are helping you run it — and with a satisfied, motivated workforce, you’ll be able to take on new challenges. There are many ways in which you can boost employee satisfaction, but it all starts with paying fair wages, nurturing a healthy company culture, and establishing honest communication with your staff.

Sarah Kaminski

Sarah Kaminski

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