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Windrush Pioneers & Champions

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Recently a seminal publication was launched by Windrush Foundation at the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton. The stories and images of more than 90 Windrush passengers are featured in the 200-page book. It presents the true meaning of Windrush and shows members of a generation who significantly contributed to the dawn of a new era in post-war Britain and Africa. The publication is a major element of a suite of education resources available to schools and the community. Windrush Pioneers & Champions meets the requirements of UK’s National Curriculum. The book contains new pieces of information about Windrush that should correct the many falsehoods about this phenomenon.

Among Empire Windrush’s passengers was Zakayo Hairoroa Kwebiha, a Ugandan, one of four men travelling first class on their way back to Africa via England. The others were Yakonia Walukamba, also from Uganda, and Nigerians John Egeolu and Igonibo Oruwari. They were students and had been in Trinidad training as agriculturists in a programme overseen by the Colonial Office. They had intended to return to Africa and share their knowledge for the benefit of local people.  Zakayo Hairoroa Kwebiha went into politics after returning home. On March 29, 1956, he became the Prime Minister of Bunyoro, a kingdom in western Uganda. It was a post he held for six years.  

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