Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. For the past few weeks, social media has been a buzz since word broke that a member of the ruling People’s National Party who is also a member of parliament, is being sued by dancehall superstar Mavado for 20 million dollars.  According to reports Mavado allegedly paid the politician to secure a house for him in upper St. Andrew.  However, the house never saw the light of day.

So far only the initials of the politician have been released.  The initials released are P.B.  Now in the first instance only one name could come to mind.  However, when one thinks about it, it could not have been that politician, as that politician’s wealth is well known.  We may not have the exact net worth of that politician; we do know that he is a very wealthy man.  Any man who is the co-founder of a profitable investment scheme which was sold in its state of profitability must be a very wealthy man.  Therefore it seems nonsensical for a man such as that to rob a measly 20 million Jamaican dollars.

Therefore, further research was done, and it was realized that there is another P.B. on the government’s side in parliament; and those are the only two P.B.s, who are members of parliament for the ruling PNP.


Mavado. Photo courtesy

According to sources it has been four years now since the politician was paid to secure a house for the artiste.

Now with the recent reports of corruption, dogging the government, this is not a good look for the People’s National Party if Mavado’s claims are true.  In fact even if the accusation is not true it still is not a good look, since politicians are not the most favoured people and Mavado is an opinion leader.  Therefore, if people were to take sides, I am sure most would line up behind the deejay.  That, plus verdicts are handed down in people’s living rooms.