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Who And What Is Governing Your Life?

by Amanda Alexander
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Lifestyle Columnist, Amanda Alexander

Proverbs 12:24 states ‘The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy man will be put to forced labour’, (New King James Version). Therefore the question remains ‘Who And What is Governing Your Life?

In order to live a life of true peace and success in our spirit, soul and body we have to be the ‘Government’ and provide ‘Governance’ for our lives. What on earth is Amanda talking about you may ask? Let me please explain, there are times in life where we have to do jobs that we really don’t want to do because the circumstances dictate it. Life during those seasons feels drudgery, hellish and frustrating. Sometimes we may be forced to labour because of our poor financial choices, and again feelings of despair may reach an all time high leaving us feeling disillusioned with life. I’m here to encourage you that there is a way out of your forced predicament, but it’s going to be your decision whether you want to come out of it or not.

The scripture from Proverbs gives us a way out of these forced chains, which is by employing the ‘Spirit of Diligence’. According to Dictionary.com the word diligence means ‘constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind’. The words ‘persistent exertion of body or mind’ strikes me to mean that we have to extend ourselves over and beyond our self imposed limitations, until we see the manifestation of what is in our heart.

So for instance, if your normal day job (which you hate and are forced to do) finishes at 5pm and you’re not due back in the organisation ntil 9am the next day, what are you doing with the remainder of your 16 hours per day? Are you using it to work on your dream or lazing about watching idleness on TV, gossiping or doing anything that is not taking you out from forced labour and into the realm of ruling your own life?

Regardless of how you ended up in forced labour, you hate it and want out immediately. Diligence is the way out, focus your time on your dream, get training if necessary, network, dump everything that’s holding you back whether is nagging Nancy or alcoholic Alan. Come out of the stupor of laziness, you do not belong there. I’m writing to you from personal experience to encourage you. It’s time to arise, it’s time to live in the liberty that Jesus paid the price for you to live in. Is it difficult and hard on your flesh? Yes it sure is. However, as the Nike slogan says ‘Just do it’, because when you look back and see how far you’ve come you’ll be shocked at your progress.

You’ll also find yourself to be in a crowd of like minded people who are on incredible journeys of their own. You’ll be sharpened, feel better and be more at peace within yourself as you’re fulfilling your purpose and destiny.

You will then be the one governing your life in the spirit of diligence, not letting laziness cast you into forced labour doing something you hate for the rest of your life.

Be diligent and blessed!

So until next time, remember you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x

Amanda Alexander is a Pastor, Teacher, TV Media Journalist

Founder of Female Dignity, Warrior Women, Amanda Alexander Productions. She serves on the leadership team of New Life Church in Bishops Stortford and is ministry coordinator for

Patrick’s Mission

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Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is a TV Media Journalist, Founder & Managing Director of ‘Amanda Alexander Productions’. A Christian company committed to writing and producing Christian content.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Female Dignity, an organisation dedicated to providing machinery to girls and women in developing countries to make feminine products utilising the raw materials in their town/country.

As well as being an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel Amanda runs her ministry ‘Warrior Women’ which empowers ladies to live and walk in the ‘Fear of the Lord’. She also serves on the leadership team of New Life Church and as a ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission.

A Christian for over 25 years Amanda loves people and is adventurous. To contact Amanda please visit her website www.femaledignity.co.uk [email protected] or 07494444064.


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