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Walking in Stilettos: Swagga those hips

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Fashion Contributor High Heels Expert Chyna Whyne

Fashion Contributor & High Heels Expert – Chyna Whyne

Fashion news.  Ok ladies, lets talk high heels! Just imagine for a moment how you’d feel if you were able to wear those delicious ‘killa’ heels of yours, all day and all night. Ignite your  sexiness and sensuality, swagga those hips with confidence, be free of back pain, and have an upright posture that spoke volumes?

Teaching the Alexander Technique

Teaching the Alexander Technique

But alas I hear many of you ladies sigh with disappointment knowing full well that those drop dead glorious heels that you had to have, are still in their box inside your closet and are not coming out any time soon. The fact that they are there somehow makes you sleep better at night, along with those intermittent thoughts of ‘one day I’ll get them out’ looming  around inside your mind.

So why haven’t you got them out? It could be that you are determined not to scuff those towering heels that you paid big money for, or you’re just exercising female control, waiting to get them out for that special occasion- both valid, however chances are, the real reason , is  you’re more than likely  experiencing  difficulty walking in them. The thought of falling flat on your face, or walking like John Wayne, legs all astride, gritting your teeth and smiling through the back pain, the  cramping in the calves, the pain in the balls of the feet,  its bound to put you off.

In their boxes in the closet is best, then at  least you’ll keep that loving memory of your sexy high heels, without having to hate them for putting you through such agony on your special night out.

I don’t know about you, but if I haven’t worn a particular pair of my high heels for a while, I can almost hear them crying out to be worn. I have such an amazing relationship with my high heels , they certainly let me know if I am neglecting them. They often help depict my mood. Those sassy red six and half inches, the electric blue skyscrapers, my pretty pink towers!

Its amazing how I feel so enlightened when I put my high heels on. In fact, these days there’s no need to feel under the weather. If for a moment I feel like this, without a second thought, I slip my dainty feet into a pair of ‘killa’ sexy stilettos and get strutting.  Cars bibbing, stopping traffic, men proposing, what’ s there to be down about?

Ladies, listen carefully, those high heel shoes of yours are crying out to be worn! Listen!  Put you and your high heels out of misery and get connected! It’s time to put all of your fears aside and live your dream – get strutting!

Don’t worry, I’m here supporting you all the way, especially as I have created a way to high heel heaven for all women around the world who are dying to experience such a thing..  I will be giving you HOT TIPS on how to master the art of wearing high heels, and supporting you on your journey of self discovery through your high heels right here on CaribDirect.com! Exciting!

You are all invited to my STEP TO GLORY event on Thursday 31st July at the Mango Rooms in Camden at 7.30pm where I’ll be giving tips and pointers on how to walk in high heels. So keep following this blog for more details. Cover photo  courtesy shutupandwearit.com.

Thank you for purchasing Mastering the Art of Wearing High heels- 10 Hot tips. Please download it by clicking the book cover below:

Mastering the Art of Wearing High heels 10 Hot tips


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