I belong to a group called the UWi Hindu Society. This organisation has existed for over four decades. It promotes spiritually and culturally centered activities on campus.

This organisation pushes four large events:

1. Devali program- this program is known as the Festival of Lights. The lighting of Deyas to welcome back Lord Ram from exile. Many perform Pooja and light their Deyas.

2. Gaara – This is a community dance. This is our most fun event. This dance is done in a circle and you do it with a partner, but the partner changes every five seconds. It is an incredible event to attend.

3.  Yugna- This is a three night event dedicated to three Davees. It is a spiritual and enlightening event. One can find peace at this event.

Symbol of Hinduism

4. Phagwa or Holi-  The festival of colours. We celebrate a great year with smearing each other with “abeer” (a coloured powder)

Another event we host every Tuesday and Thursday is our Satsangh. There are many types of Hinduism and the UWI Hindu Society tries to accommodate  all of them. Are you on a campus that celebrates the various cultures that comprise the student body?