Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

Recently, I went to the first December staging of Chug It, at Sugarman’s Beach in Portmore.  This staging was highly publicized, with Tommy Lee slated to perform; giving fans a piece of what to expect at Sting 2012.

Of course, Portmore being Gaza City and all, Tommy Lee was warmly welcomed by the large crowd on the beach.  After performing a couple of his hit songs; Tommy Lee made a mammoth mistake, by taking a swipe at Bounty Killer.  Tommy Lee, remixed his song “Mechanic”, changing the chorus to “B***y mechanic”.  Of this the crowd was not pleased and the booing, immediately started coming in from all over.

Realizing his mistake, or what he thought was his mistake, he immediately took back those lyrics, saying “mi will tek da boo deh”.  He then tried to redeem his performance with some more of his hit songs.  The die hard fans at the front were forgiving but the rest of the audience was not willing to let Tommy Lee get away with blasphemy that easily and they continued with the booing.

Tommy Lee. Photo courtesy

Tommy Lee. Photo courtesy

Feeling a little bit too comfortable with the support he was getting from the diehard fans at the front of the stage, Tommy Lee seemed to have forgotten the boos coming from the rest of the audience and tried once more to dish out the disrespect to Bounty Killer, after which the crowd, again erupted with boos and started clapping him off stage.

Finally, realizing what he was doing wrong (dissing Bounty), Tommy Lee again tried to redeem his performance, but to little avail, as he was still being booed and clapped off stage.

Finally, he conceded saying, that this (being booed) happens to every artist, then left the stage, to the delight of the patrons.

Bounty Killer. Photo courtesy

Bounty Killer. Photo courtesy

Bounty Killer took to his Twitter account to comment of the issue, “Chug It go Bug It mon Rum Bar waah see mi Gun Bar how dem fi replace the Gaad wid a Fagg f***a dem!!!”

Killer later tweeted, Nyammi Lee Wid Baye Booooo Back A Dat time up dem can say a we send ppl go Boo him now did unuh watch ER? that duppy puppy show is over that’s all folks!!!

If this is anything to go by, Tommy Lee has a lot of work to do; in order to prepare for his Sting performance, especially since, the Sting crowd will pretty much be similar to the Chug It crowd.

So, with this new development, is Bounty Killer now, more motivated to clash with Tommy Lee at Sting?