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Trinidad and Tobago brought Colour and Carnival to Heathrow Airport

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Trinidad and Tobago brought soca and costumes to London Heathrow Airport’s

HC Garvin Nicholas

Terminal 5. On Tuesday, 17 July, early morning travellers were greeted by Carnival Masqueraders in costumes from London’s most popular mas bands. The Meet and Greet was done under the patronage of the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission to herald the launch of their 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

The Trinidad and Tobago Culture Fest marked the beginning of four weeks of celebrations that the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission has organised in recognition of this milestone.  The High Commissioner Garvin Nicholas says that the Culture Fest will be a totally immersive experience. “Trinidad and Tobago is a culturally rich and diverse country. I want people to feel as though they have been transported out of London. They should be able to eat and drink our local foods. They will hear our music and read our books. I expect that they will leave the Trinidad and Tobago Culture Fest transformed,” says His Excellency.

Photo courtesy Trinidad & Tobago High Commission

No doubt the soothing steel pan music and the elaborate costumes that Trinidad and Tobago is known for, will do much to relieve the stress of air travel for many. That is why the High Commissioner is inviting those weary travellers to come to the Trinidad and Tobago Culture Fest to eat and drink with friends.

The Culture Fest will take place at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn and will run from the 26th July – 25th August. Every day there will be a full list of activities for the entire family. These activities would include story-telling and art workshops on the day and concerts and rum tastings in the night.

Interested persons are invited to visit the website here for more information.




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