Fashionistas in Antigua & Barbuda will have an opportunity to wear one of the most vibrant and funky collections from Brazilian fashion house TOTEM when it is launched this month at Zeitgeist in Redcliffe Quay.

TOTEM captures the spirit and sexiness of Brazil, and has been featured in magazines from the USA and Europe. Zeitgeist owner Liz Fannis explained why she is bringing this label to Antigua.

“At Zeitgeist, we are always looking for designs that will expand our client base and at the same time compliment our main line from Italy,” she said.

“What I love about TOTEM is that it is a brand that will look good on women of any age as the pieces are mainly in natural fabrics from Indian voile, cotton, and jersey, and are right on trend plenty of prints, both retro and bold colours.”

Fannis added that despite the present economic climate, this new line is also affordable. “The women and men who come into our store want to look different, and yet buy items that are classy, timeless and well made,” she pointed out. “This new line will appeal to women who want have minimal time to get ready, and yet still want to look chic.”

TOTEM is the brainchild of Fred D’Orey, as he wanted to celebrate the laid-back Brazilian lifestyle while allowing his clients to have clothes they can wear from the beach to the office.

The line was launched in 1995 and has now spread to 200 stores in Brazil, as well being available in the UK and USA.

It features mainly dresses and easy pieces, which for the 2012 season includes jumpsuits and shift dresses. This is the first Antiguan store, and Fannis is excited. “At Zeitgeist, we are always pushing the envelope, evolving and always on the lookout for designs that women can wear with ease,” she said.

TOTEM will be sold exclusively at Zeitgeist.