Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

Lisa Hyper has managed to make the news again; and no, it is not due to another Portmore Empire fracas and no it is not another photograph.  Oh and might I add, it is not due to her making any hit songs.

So besides the above; how else can someone who is arguably insignificant at the moment make the news?  That’s right; by creating unnecessary tension with someone else who is more significant at the moment.  Which female artist is more significant than Lisa Hyper at the moment? Most of them actually.

The one, who is arguably the most prominent at the moment, though is Tifa who has been making numerous chart topping songs throughout the course of this year.

Since 2009 when that famous picture of Lisa came to prominence, Lisa Hyper has had it out for Tifa, however, the reason for this was never known. Lisa Hyper’s most recent attack on Tifa, according to, came in the form of a Blackberry message, where she broadcast, “How Tifa fi waan run the place and she cannot even walk? Just asking peeps”.

Lisa Hyper. Photo courtesy

Bwoy, mi have a handicap cousin so mi no find it amusing, somebody caan talk to her and tell her fi just chill out a little. No man, she ah go too hard.”

If you ask me this is just a classic case of badmind being active.  Lisa, wah yo mean by di girl a go too hard? Weh yo want har fi slow down for?  In case you have not realized Tifa’s confidence is not all mouth, she has been working hard and is now reaping the benefits of her hard work.

Stop badmind di girl ting man.  It no look good.  And by the way what do you mean by Tifa is using her disability to her advantage?  The last time I checked Tifa was not disabled or ‘special’ as you put it.

Tifa. Photo courtesy

Some people have knocked knees, some people have bowed legs and some people have rickets so dem legs dem more bowed dan d average.  My point is we all have our physical challenges.  There exists no human being on earth who cannot name a single part of their body that they wished were made differently.  Some of us take the initiative to change it while others live with it.

Tifa seems fine with the way she is; ‘Jimmy Choo shoes pon me twist up feet’.  Also she does not seem the least bit perturbed by Lisa’s recent attack on her saying, “I don’t have no time to comment on waste matter.”

It is simple if you want to be recognized as an artist, sing songs that people want to hear, do not go around creating unnecessary mischief, as that gets you nowhere … except maybe if you were living in America, then you would probably get a reality tv show.