Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

I missed Teacha’s Pet this week but from all indications from the sneak peak, episode three of Teacha’s Pet seemed be another drama filled episode.

From watching the sneak peak I can see that the twins were up to their usual antics, getting naked and all.  However the teach did not seem to be too impressed with the nakedness in this episode.

As he said that this is not a porn show and the way to his heart is not by getting naked every chance you get but the way to his heart is through your personality.

Teacha's Pet - Tami Black

Additionally, it seems as if one of the contestants got a little personal five minutes with Vybz Kartel in the bathroom….hmm I wonder what took 5 minutes in that bathroom because a lot can happen in 5 minutes.

Also it seems this week was elimination week and from the sneak peak it seems contestant, Tami was eliminated.  (I hope it isn’t so. I love her)