Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

The night was intensely calm, the winds stilled, no crickets cricked as they did every night before…the night’s music was muted but Angela enjoyed this nevertheless. It did somewhat surprise her that the rain suddenly stopped as if God abruptly switched off the pump that supplied the clouds with water. Nature was unpredictable and had moods like women with PMS. No matter how hard the meteorologists tried, they just couldn’t predict the weather conditions.

Angela was so comfortable on her veranda that she fell asleep. Her plants and the sky admired how beautiful she looked when she slept. Sometime after, Angela was frightened out of her sleep by the blaring sound of music. As she looked up, she saw the familiar black Honda car that turned into their front yard that was beautified by two gardens and newly planted grass. Suddenly she smiled as it came to memory that this was her husband’s car, Gary. She instantly thanked God that he was home safe. He saw her and beeped abundantly, causing their dogs to bark. These combined sounds were loud enough to wake up their farthest neighbour. She laughed and warned him to stop.

“Mind the neighbours start throwing stones at us” she shouted even though he couldn’t hear her. He continued to beep. She put on her slippers and went to him. Sometimes he was a bit childish and this made her love him more. As she approached his door, she noticed that he looked woozy.

“Wat a gwan, honey?”  He said with a big smile, as he spoke her nose picked up scents of some strong liquor. It almost made her tipsy.  She thanked God again for getting him home safe as only the Divine could steer this car without it being crashed.

“You were drinking, right?” asking the question whose answer was as solid as a wall and as clear as water.

He giving her a pensive look, said “no” then giggled.

“Really? Come on I’ll help you out of the car.” she said calmly. She sighed as he wobbled, knowing her speech will be of no good right now. She doubted it will be of any good even in the morning when he was sober as he was like this years before she came into his life. She just has to love him as he is. On the verandah, he pushed away from her, as she watched him stagger to the door; she got a clear image of how drunken dance was done. He nearly fell and she held on to him and led him inside. Inside, he let go of her again and walked into the bedroom.

“I love you, baby” he shouted.

“I love you too, Gary” she replied, smiling at his sentiment. She hasn’t heard those words in quite a while.

“Now keep focusing on your walk. I can’t manage you if you fall” she said as she followed him to the room.  Soon he sat on their bed and she proceeded to take off his Timberland shoes. End of Part 1.