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Simple Ways to Increase Your Warehouse Security

by Diana Smith
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Warehouse security is a challenging aspect to manage. Naturally, securing your assets is vital to the production and distribution chains, while protecting your employees is a legal obligation you have to adhere to. However, security solutions can often be complex, elaborate, and quite expensive, leaving business owners unsure of which features to implement. In order to make the best possible decision for your warehouse, here are some of the simplest and most important ways you can increase the safety and security of your premises:

Invest in RFID badges

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) gates and sensors are often used in modern warehouses, mostly to follow goods as they go from receiving to storage. However, this technology can have another use that is common in other industries. For instance, you can add RFID tags to employee IDs and track their movement and activity using the same equipment. This information can help in maintaining asset and personnel security by detecting theft, monitoring suspicious activity, and identifying the best safety practices. RFID-enabled IDs can also aid in overseeing delivery drivers and other individuals who shouldn’t enter specific areas of your warehouse.

Install a security system

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Security systems are among the best solutions for increasing the protection of your premises. Opt for a more elaborate option that includes CCTV and burglar alarms, and make sure the alarms are activated at every entry point, including windows. If you have a larger budget or a smaller warehouse that’s easier to secure, consider purchasing smart, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras that can be controlled remotely and send relevant notifications when suspicious activity occurs. These types of security systems are efficient at protecting assets and staff, and may even help to lower insurance costs.

Fence in your warehouse

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Premises that aren’t contained aren’t easy to control either. That is why you should invest in chain mesh fencing to secure your warehouse. This is a sturdy and durable solution that can instantly increase protection and keep those who shouldn’t access your warehouse off your premises. You can also pair this fencing with bright motion-activated lighting. Unexpected, startling bright lights have proved to be quite efficient at deterring potential burglars and preventing them from even attempting to assess the security of a building.

Include motion detectors

Many modern security systems will include motion detectors in their solutions, but most warehouse owners only decide on motion-activated lighting for their premises. We have easy access to a wide array of sensors today that can track and detect motion while simultaneously sending relevant alerts to law enforcement or managers. Take advantage of this fact and increase your warehouse security. Use detectors to keep individuals out of the areas where they shouldn’t be, along with appropriate signage for your specific security system.

Hire security experts

If you aren’t able to identify the gaps in your security or you simply don’t know what type of protection your warehouse needs, it may be best to hire a professional. Security experts can either be hired in the form of consultants, where skillful services are provided to identify your weak points and suitable solutions, or by adding security professionals to your team to keep your premises safe. Consider what the best option for your warehouse is and don’t be afraid to invest in this important safety feature. Industry experts have the most knowledge and experience, and are able to protect your assets and personnel in the best possible way.

Automate inventory counts

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Although manual data entry is common, using this method for shipment verification and inventory tracking often leaves room for human error and fraud. Don’t overlook this security aspect. Instead, protect your inventory with precise automatic counts through a warehouse management system (WMS) and RFID readers or other handheld devices. By entering goods into a specific system as soon as they arrive, you can reduce the possibility of theft and remove opportunities for individuals to steal products or falsify numbers. You may even be able to streamline your business processes and increase revenue through inventory automation.

Depending on the type and size of your warehouse, there are a number of safety measures you can implement. Identify your needs and see which solutions suit you the most to increase the overall security of your premises.

Diana Smith

Diana Smith

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