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Register To Vote In Global Jamaica Diaspora Council and Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council

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Dear Members of the Jamaican Diaspora,

As you are already aware, the election process for the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council and the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council has begun. The Jamaican High Commission is urging you to register and nominate your candidates for the upcoming elections.

Kindly see the election timeline below:


  • Voter Registration: 10th November – 30th  November 2022;
  • Nomination period. Dissemination of nomination and consent forms : 10th November – 30th  November 2022;
  • Publication of final slate of candidates on election website and respective Mission websites and Facebook pages: 1st December 2022;
  • Voting and Campaign period: 2nd December- 19th December 2022.

Registration (10th November – 30th  November) 

Please note that all persons intending to vote must register by completing the Voter Registration Form and submitting it during the Voter Registration period:

  1. Registration can be done through the online portal during the Voting Registration Period of 10th November – 30th  November  (closes at 11:59 p.m.);
  1. Or  by post using the attached postal registration form. Postal registration forms must be postmarked by latest 30th November. 

Further information on  voter registration may be accessed here.

Eligibility for voting 

To be eligible to vote in an election for Council Membership, a person must meet the following requirements:

  1. be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. be a Jamaican or of Jamaican Heritage;
  3. reside within the United Kingdom.

NB: In addition to these requirements, recall that all voters must also register prior to participating, as mentioned above.

Nomination (10th November – 30th  November) 

All nominations will be reviewed by the Electoral Committee which will determine their eligibility based on the criteria set out on the election website .

If the nomination of a candidate is accepted (subject to meeting the eligibility criteria) by the Committee, then nominees will be allowed a period of time to campaign for their candidacy to the respective Council.  The voting and campaign period will span from 2nd December- 19th December 2022. The candidate that receives the most votes will be selected as the GJDC/GJDYC representative.

Note that prospective nominees for both the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council  and  the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council  are encouraged to submit  the following: Nominators Declaration Form, a Nominee Consent Form, a Nominee Declaration Statement of Qualification Form, a personal profile of 150-200 words and submit a JPEG passport size photo (no more than 1mb).

Please see the additional  information on the nomination process, including  the eligibility requirements for nominees here.

Election (1st December – 19th December)

The 2022 election and campaign period is being conducted between 2nd – 19th December 2022.

Further information may be accessed at the official website.

Vivienne Siva

Community Relations Officer

Jamaican High Commission



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