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Reggae Artist Ras-I Releases Hot New Album ‘Kingman’

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Reggae artist Ras-I has delivered his album ‘Kingman’ and many agree that the artist has hit the right notes, covering the right topics within musical moments that tell a complete story.
One of the lead singles from Kingman is “Dangerous” featuring Dre Island.  The song puts the ills of society into perspective while expressing the distress of onlookers who are fed-up of people who plot to harm as opposed to working to do good.
His second lead single, “Somewhere Wonderful” is hopeful and optimistic.  Speaking with the Jamaica Observer, the artist remarked about his album “I really wanted to put some more feel-good music out in the world to help lift the spirits and ease the constant frustration of the pandemic,” he said. “I couldn’t move physically so I just moved through the music.”  Select with features, Christopher Martin “Though We Rise,” and Royal Blu with “Keep The Bounce,” Ras-I has creatively weaved his personal experiences for all to hear. 
Kingman is an 8-track album co-produced by singer Dale Virgo, J.L.L., and frequent collaborator Koastal Kings.  Ras-I is a multifaceted artiste who sings, writes and arranges all his songs, produces, plays guitar, keyboard and percussions. Classifying his music as roots reggae with notes of old school rhythm and blues and a little funk, he draws from the exemplary influences of reggae veterans like The Abyssinians, Brigadier Jerry, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, U-Roy and Peter Tosh. #Ras-I #Reggae Music #Kingman #Jamaica #VP Records #Dre Island #Dangerous #Jamaica Observer



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