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Race first: 3000 Young Indian Professionals Are 1st In The Queue For UK Visas

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Briefing Notes, by Errol Harry

The Ethnic Hindu and Business ties that bind.

Please note that No Apologies for prioritising Indians for visas are forthcoming or considered worthy of any serious explanation from PM Rushi Sunak.

No sensitivity either.

Not even a nod in the direction of the Right wing anti Immigrant (‘The Breaking Point”) racist Brexit Campaign of his Conservative – Tory Party-  which Sunak himself supported.

Therefore it is quite  pointless asking: ” Where are UK visas for Black Professionals in Africa & the Caribbean?”

A Curious Context:

According to the article above the largest number of illegal immigrants who breach visa rules etc and remain in Britain illegally just happen to be from India.

Yet the legal sea-bourne refugees now flooding Brexit Britain are to be sent with love from Britain  to Rwanda in Africa.

Moreover it is this very Boris Johnson’s “oven- ready” Brexit deal itself which is responsible for Labour shortages and the current economic crisis in the 1st place.

Finally, also  recall that Indian PM Modi  is not only a Hindu like Sunak and his wife but he is a Hindu Nationalist/ neo Fascist and anti-Muslim extremist who incidentally is still trading with Putin’s Russia.

He is in very good company. Sunak’s wife no less  makes £11M a year from her business dealings in Moscow.

Modi has ignored International calls from the EU, Sunak and Biden to boycott and isolate Russia and Putin over Ukraine.

So whats the deal?

Indian Ethnic and economic Ties  not only bind but supersede any other moral political and even “hostile environment” anti-immigration policy considerations.

This looks like a good working definition of Racism and Positive Racial Discrimination to me.

What’s new?

Errol Harry, London



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