I really liked this introduction to an article on print versus digital magazines because it told readers upfront how their conclusions were derived. Check out the whole article by David Pilcher on freeportpress.com  but in the meantime, let me know what you prefer when it comes to reading your magazines: Print or digital?

Print vs. Digital: How We Really Consume Our Magazines – 2016 Edition

An Honest Look at State of the Magazine Industry – Summer 2017 – posted 8 March 2017.

Freeport Press promoted a 7-question survey to a variety of magazine readers in the North America – demographics chart below. The survey was open for 3 days in August 2016 and generated 692 responses. 600 responses were solicited through Survey Monkey. The rest were in response to a promotion to the Freeport Press Newsletter audience.

When it comes to our magazines, we read more, read longer and subscribe more often to print than digital. While publishers talk about embracing the digital futures of their publications, ordinary people like you and me still prefer to read a good glossy.

These findings come out of an informal survey we conducted of several hundred North American consumers. We asked seven key questions about the type, subscriptions and time with magazines they had read in the past month, to see if we could draw any conclusions. The results were clear: People are more engaged with their print magazines than their digital ones.

Some key findings:


25% of respondents had NOT read a print magazine this past month. Nearly 40% have read 1 or 2. 35% have read 3 or more print magazines.


60% of respondents had NOT read a digital magazine this past month. 25% have read 1 or 2. Only 14% have read 3 or more digital magazines.


22% don’t read print magazines. 13% spend up to 10 minutes. 28% spend up to 30 minutes in print. 22% spend up to 60 minutes. 14% spend MORE than 60 minutes!


56% don’t read digital magazines. 18% spend up to 10 minutes. 16% spend up to 30 minutes in print. 7% spend up to 60 minutes. 3% spend more than 60 minutes.

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