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Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

According to one876.com, Gaza artist and the prefect for the Empire, Popcaan, gave a surprise performance at Club Riddim, formerly known as The Building.  The reason this performance came as a surprise is because, the owner of the club is Corey Todd.  As most persons may know, Corey Todd is the former business partner of Popcaan’s “boss”, Vybz Kartel.  Earlier this year, Kartel and Corey had a very public and nasty break up.  Additionally, Beenie Man is the face of the club, and Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel also have a beef going on from earlier this year.

So Popcaan making an appearance at the very same club that his boss once jointly owned with the now enemy of his boss and is now owned by the enemy of his boss, will raise many eyebrows.  Popcaan reportedly told the crowd at Club Riddim that, “people, anno my place this but mi a perform fi de people….ah Gaza mi say.”  The statement made by Popcaan is clear, in that he wants no confusions about him making an appearance at the enemy’s camp.  It is his job, his bread and butter, but at the end of the day, he is who he is and that is Poppy, the Gaza prefect.

Entertainer Popcaan

However, of course there will be those people who, despite his disclaimer, will still say, “Poppy switch pon di teach’”.  But as for me, as I always say, my friend’s enemy is not necessarily my enemy and one must be able to separate business from one’s personal life.  Business is business and Popcaan, pays his bills and buys his food and everything else which requires money by singing songs and performing them.  As far as I know Corey and Popcaan did not have any beef.  The beef was between Kartel and Corey so if Popcaan wants to do business with Corey Todd, then that is his business and no one should have a problem with that.

Another thing people are wondering about is, what does Kartel think about this?  Now we know how the music business is in Jamaica, once an already established artist helps to get another artist recognized in the business, the established artist thinks he owns the artist he helped.  However, Kartel of all people should understand business more than anybody else.  Hence he should not have a problem with it either.

But let us watch and see how this one plays out.

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