Reform Immigration Laws to repeal those used in a racially discriminatory way.

Why? The huge publicity of cases of alleged shameful violations of human rights of several Black members of the Caribbean “Windrush” generation who entered the UK prior to 1973 and were told by the Home Office that they would be deported unless they could prove their status as British citizens.

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I Colin Leyland Patrick Bobb-Semple was brought to the UK as a child of the “Windrush” generation. I am a registered British citizen. I have seen on the “Moving Here” website, shipping landing lists in the 1950s to 1960s. The records are stated to be at the National Archives. I note apologies of Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Prime Minister Theresa May, with the announcement on 20th April 2018 that compensation would be paid to those members of the “Windrush” generation who have been unfairly threatened with deportation.

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