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Caribbean Food: Peppered Prawns (Shrimps)

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Staff writer Lil Miss Kim

PEPPERED PRAWNS (SHRIMPS)..Wha yu nuoa bout dat?
So we don’t only eat meat you know…and my fellow West Indians may agree.  This week I thought I’d do some peppered prawns…so why not share with you?

Growing up it was a thrill to get those huge prawns in that little plastic bag with pepper all over it…it was delish! Until nature took its toll on my poor little tonsils and I developed an allergy …but that didn’t stop me anyways…I just grabbed a bottle of Chloraseptic spray and I was eating away.

I use the black tiger prawns (the best I can find and the biggest). You’ll need fish seasoning, garlic powder, All purpose (boy I love this thing..hahaha), seasoning salt,  black pepper.

Chop some onions (not much), and all you need now is some good ol’ scotch bonnet (country) pepper…LOADS OF IT.  I use 12 (sue me… I love pepper)
It should look like this

Marinate, preferably overnight…then it’s on to the cooking.  Get your deep frying pan out or Dutch pot (dutchy if you prefer).  The prawns will be basically deep fried so use your judgement and add enough vegetable oil to fully cover the amount of prawns you are cooking.

Once heated (very hot…stand back) put the prawns in the oil and cover the pot.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to cook…so its an easy snack.  Serve with Alcohol, white wine maybe…you’ll forget it’s that peppery lol.  It should look something like this…

And there you have it!..Peppered Prawns in nutshell…oh and these are my pictures by the way.. can’t you tell? (stupid camera phone *rolls eyes*)…bon appétit

Sorry couldn’t help myself..my pics are embarrassing….



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