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Pen, Paper and Prayer

by Amanda Alexander
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Lifestyle Columnist, Amanda Alexander

Guys! I implore you today to get working on that dream, because you are going to need a team in order for it to work. I’m encouraging you to not believe the lies that you need x amount of money before you start, or that until I reach a certain point or age in my life I can’t start my dream, you can start right where you are now, with pen and paper and prayer. Your dream will take time to mature and you need to be present and alongside it in order for manifestation to happen. 

I’m writing to you today as I always do from the place of experience. You see for many years I had a dream in my heart to serve in the Caribbean but in what capacity I had no idea. I always believed that the islands were more than holiday hotspots and those of us who live in the diaspora had a responsibility to serve our West Indian nations but when and how that was to be was the burning question in my heart. 

My dream of the Caribbean islands has become a reality through my manufacturing Social Enterprise ‘Female Dignity’. Our objectives are to provide sustainable menstrual products and education to the U.K. and developing countries, the first country we’re starting with is my homeland St Lucia. 

When I started this initiative, it was first borne  in my heart, from seeds sown by two ladies, I call them my awakeners. The invisible started to become visible when I transcended it onto pen and paper, sacrificing my financial resources as I didn’t want to take out a loan and borrow money. The more I spoke about Female Dignity and put legs on the intangible, the tangible started forming, curiosity was forming in the hearts and minds of people who started gravitating towards me wanting to help. 

I participated in networking and joined one, now Female Dignity is taking on  a life of its own. Am I making a living out of it? Not yet, but one day it will happen. To pour every ounce of my being and resources into helping females is a dream come true. 

You may say it’s alright for you, but I have responsibilities and I’m not belittling that if you do. But if you’re not living your dreams yet, a pen, a piece of paper and prayer is a start. If you spend 3 hours a night watching TV cut it down to 2 and work on your dream. 

People need to see your dream to help you, they can’t jump into your head and get it out, nor can they read your mind. Furthermore, the majority of people are always looking for something to do to feel fulfilled. Think about it, by you not stepping up into your dream you could be preventing others from completing theirs, I’d say that’s one of the highest forms of selfishness. 

So what are you waiting for? If you want a team to work with, focus on your dream and see your amazing contribution to our wonderful Caribbean nations. You will not regret it. 

Female Dignity has a fantastic team, and it all stemmed from hearing the plight of females in July 2015 in a hotel room in Surrey, it was there I put pen, paper and prayer together. Go for it let me know how you get on, we’re waiting on you! 

So until next time, remember you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x                 

 Amanda Alexander is a Pastor, Teacher, TV Media Journalist

Founder of Female Dignity, Warrior Women, Amanda Alexander Productions. She serves on the leadership team of New Life Church in Bishops Stortford and is ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission

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Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is a TV Media Journalist, Founder & Managing Director of ‘Amanda Alexander Productions’. A Christian company committed to writing and producing Christian content.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Female Dignity, an organisation dedicated to providing machinery to girls and women in developing countries to make feminine products utilising the raw materials in their town/country.

As well as being an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel Amanda runs her ministry ‘Warrior Women’ which empowers ladies to live and walk in the ‘Fear of the Lord’. She also serves on the leadership team of New Life Church and as a ministry coordinator for Patrick’s Mission.

A Christian for over 25 years Amanda loves people and is adventurous. To contact Amanda please visit her website www.femaledignity.co.uk [email protected] or 07494444064.


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