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CaribDirect Multi-Media is pleased to announce its partnership with established trade and investment facilitators Pathway Caribbean. This strategic alliance is aimed at deepening existing relationships with trade organisations and companies across the Caribbean to exploit market and investment potential for the Region.

Pathway caribbean logoWith Caribbean economies in turmoil as a consequence of the global economic downturn of 2008 and Caribbean leaders anxious to provide appropriate and timely solutions to rising unemployment, unprecedented high levels of crime and general social decay, this strategic partnership is intended to assist trade and investment professionals to find fast and effective solutions to the problems listed above.

David F. Roberts, Chief Executive of CaribDirect Multi-Media in London say, ‘I’m particularly delighted that CaribDirect with Pathway Caribbean, can assist in stimulating trade and investment for a naturally well-endowed region beset by surmountable economic challenges. I’m confident, together we can make a difference.’

Photo courtesy cardiffwomensaidorguk

Photo courtesy cardiffwomensaid.org.uk

Andrew Scantlebury says,” We at Pathway Caribbean are extremely delighted to be working with CaribDirect in partnership, the Caribbean is going through tremendous changes and the IMF is recommending deeper regional integration. It is hoped that businesses can see the advantages of this recommendation and pool their resources. This would enable us to direct potential inward investment to the region.


CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited

CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited uses information, education, entertainment and business as the principal media to engage the UK Caribbean Diaspora about matters critical to the development of Caribbean people on both sides of the Atlantic. Ultimately, CaribDirect aims to connect the global Caribbean community for trade and investment.

Pathway Caribbean

Pathway Caribbean seeks to exploit the market potential of the Caribbean Islands and Guyana while not losing sight of business opportunities in Africa.

For details on CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited contact switchboard +44 (0) 844 357 9707, Direct Line +44 (0) 207 840 0995 Email: [email protected] or visit www.caribdirect.com

Pathway Caribbean – http://www.pathwaycaribbean.com/



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