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PARTY WITH A CAUSE: An Investment In The Future

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Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

As human beings our first priority is survival.  We want to find the quickest way to make a dollar.  Lending a helping hand is not always at the top of our list of priorities.  With that said, on behalf of every child below 12 years of age and their parents, I want to personally thank Shaggy for his foundation which donates a tremendous amount of time, energy and cash to the betterment of the Bustamante Children’s Hospital.

What people do not know is that Shaggy has been doing this for years but he just did not bring it to the attention of the media until about three years ago when she started the Shaggy and Friends concert where all the proceeds go to the development of the hospital.

The Shaggy and Friends concert is an expensive concert with the cheapest ticket being JA00 and the most expensive being JA000.  From the inception of this concert, the line up of artists has been good so if patrons are seeking value for money, from that angle, then it is value for money concert.  The lineup for this year included the likes of Lauryn Hill, someone we have not heard from in a while.  It also included Eve, among a host of other local acts.  For those who just want to support a worthy cause: what cause is more worthy than the lives of children?

Shaggy provides hope for the future

As was previously mentioned, this concert is not cheap.  So what that tells me is that this concert is targeting the people with the money who can afford a $25,000 ticket.  It also tells me the obvious; health care is expensive business.

Shaggy, Jamaica salutes you and the work you and your foundation have been doing at the hospital.  As some persons have said, some will never know the necessity of the work you are doing until, a child of theirs is sick and needs the access to the facilities at the hospital.  An initiative such as this one warms my heart and tells me that all hope is not lost.

Also, the artists who dedicated their time to perform for free should not be forgotten, as, January is a busy month for a lot of artists, but they still saved the date on their calendars.



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