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Parading Mas Bands Results – Nottinghill Carnival 2023

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2023 Nottinghill Carnival was blessed with brilliant weather, not too hot and not too cold. Very little crime and few incidents of illness and near misses.

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Please see below the results for the parading Mas bands for this year.

Sunday 27th August 2023
*Small Bands:*
1st Ebony Mas – 415
2nd Mas Africa – 394
3rd Tropical Iles – 340

*Medium Bands:*
1st Mahogany – 487
2nd Gemz Mas – 385
3rd Glorious Backstage Arts – 237

*Large Bands*
1st D Riddim Tribe – 185
2nd Flagz – 117

*Dutty Mas Bands*
1st UCOM – 374
2nd Island Mas – 340
3rd Karnival Mania – 230

*Monday 28th August 2023*

*Small Bands*
1st Hot Wax – 393
2nd Mas Dominik – 349
3rd Trinbago Inspirational Arts – 318

*Medium Bands*
1st Mahogany – 490
2nd Elimu – 443
3rd Hype Mas – 356

*Large Bands*
1st UCOM – 487
2nd D Riddim Tribe – 377
3rd Karnival Mania – 352

CaribDirect.com commends all the bands and participants for their impressive display of Caribbean culture with fine style…

Photo courtesy CaribDirect.com



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