26 October 2018
Press Release

As Prime Minister Honourable Allen M. Chastanet addressed the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours recipients on Thursday October 25th 2018 at Government House, he called the outstanding citizens heroes in their own right.
“I look around this morning and I see devoted educators who have helped shape the minds of generations, a doctor who brought so many lives into this world and dedicated community servants . . . You all qualify as heroes in the history books of Saint Lucia,” stated the Prime Minister.

The Investiture Ceremony is the presentation of the Medals of Honour which recognises those individuals who have made achievements in public life; committed themselves to serving and helping their community, or done outstanding work throughout their life.
The awardees received their Medals from Governor General, His Excellency Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac, and included: Dr. Herbert Marius, CBE, for outstanding contribution to health care; Mrs. Augusta Ifill, OBE, for Education; Mr. Alphonsus Stanislas, MBE, for Education and Community Service; Mr. Julius Adjodha, BEM, for community service; Ms. Christina Alcide, BEM, for community service; Mrs. Rita Catherine Dyer, BEM, for Education and Women Development.

“We are truly humbled to share this day with you and we remain in awe of your achievements . . . You did what you had to, for your family, for your community and for your nation. If we are to consider ourselves a caring and strong community we must take a moment always to say “thank you” to those who have contributed and continue to contribute to nation building,” Prime Minister Chastanet stated in his address adding that the path taken by these Saint Lucians serves as an inspiration to others.

On behalf of the Government and People of Saint Lucia, the Prime Minister congratulated the 2018 recipients and thanked them for their continued service.

Prime Minister and Governor General with awardees. Top (from left)- PM, Dr Marius, Mr Adjodha, Mr. Stanislas, Sir Neville, Bottom (from left)- Mrs Ifill, Ms. Alcide, Ms. Dyer.