Delia Dolor, in-house contributor

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 — The OECS Statistics in Focus recently sat down with one of the region’s statistical stalwarts to reflect on his almost three-decade journey of statistical development in the Caribbean.

A native of Saint Lucia, Edwin St. Catherine’s passion and successful advances in the use of technology for data collection would take him throughout the Caribbean region and to the African and Asian continents to share his expertise.Initially pursuing a career in Economics, St. Catherine recalls that his passion for statistics and statistical development grew from exposure to the subject matter and consequent development of a deep understanding for the far-reaching, and essentially life changing, effects of the data.

Photo courtesy Ruthson Zimmerman, Unsplash

“It was not directly my intention to become a statistician but, by virtue of having been assigned to the statistical office, I got to really appreciate and enjoy the work and fully embrace it as time went on.”

“I saw a real opportunity to get down to the details of how people live their lives. What was affecting them; what their living conditions were; what their health conditions were; and what educational opportunities, or lack thereof, were available to them.”

“All of these areas that affected how people lived, how well they lived, and my ability to then package and communicate that to the policy maker, to the governments, and to international organisations.”

St. Catherine would assume the role of Director of Statistics in 1994, and worked tirelessly thereafter to improve the standards, procedures and efficiency of the Central Statistical Offices (CSOs) in Saint Lucia and the wider Caribbean region through the implementation of cutting-edge data collection technology.

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