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Nothing Special: It’s who we are, Part 2.

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Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

When was the last time you spent time with you? Remember I mentioned in Part 1, that it’s very important that you’re happy with you first before you can be happy with anyone else. Sometimes we get so caught up in family, friends, our relationships…we spend so much time pleasing everyone else except ourselves. Where was the last time you went out alone and enjoyed it?

There are times when we’re unhappy and don’t even know why. That’s because we hardly take the time to keep familiar with ourselves. You should be the first person to identify why you’re unhappy and if you can’t, you know it’s time for ‘ME’ time. At least once a month is necessary and if your love ones really care, they won’t mind you shutting them out for a day. Anyways, you’ll share it with them tomorrow so they don’t have to worry. If you don’t feel rejuvenated after a day with yourself or two, see a psychiatrist or seek some form of therapy because you could really be unhappy with not just you but something/someone that’s in your life.

Me time is good time

I always have company to do anything I have to do. If I’m shopping, doing my hair, at the beach, watching movies, I always have someone to accompany. The only time I really get ‘Me’ time is when I’m writing and even then the ‘voices’ in my head are some form of company to me. I realize that I hardly go anywhere alone, so last week, I told all my ‘company’ that I’ll be going shopping on my own.

It was so weird but exciting. No one to give me their opinions, no one to tell me what to get or frown at something I took that they don’t like. It was all me! I found out I liked some clothes that I normally would never look at. Then I had ice cream and then another awkward moment hit me. I had to fend off unwanted attention on my own…On the flip side, it was kind of good having inward thoughts, observing others and savouring my ice cream. Normally I’m distracted by conversations.

I went home, had a warm bath, and listened to some Adele, Musiq Soulchild,

Crooner Musiq Soulchild

and Common…found new music that I loved. I decided to then watch ‘Meet Joe Black’ (a movie that I always wanted to watch but forgot to) on the internet instead of going on Facebook or Twitter. Yep, I went a whole day without any social networks. It felt so good 🙂

The next day, I was back to my company and I had to admit, I did miss them. I felt refreshed and I had so many things to share with my friends. You should take a day just for you, do something you like or loved doing before you got so engrossed into other people. It will add spice to your present relationships. It’s like maintenance to a good car, it keeps you up and going but most of all… happy!


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