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Ninja Man is Back!

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After months of speculation, iconic Dancehall artiste Ninja Man was released on bail after almost three years behind bars. Along with his son Janiel Ballentine the artist was granted JA million bail and is due to return to court on July 16th. Despite the up hill struggle against charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, and illegal possession of a firearm, the artist has wasted no time in getting back in the studio!

Teaming up with Kiprich on a Big Yard Productions riddim he has released the single ‘The Don Gorgon Is back,’ as a commemoration of his release from prison. Kiprich stated to the Jamaica STAR: “I wrote the song and called his team and mi a say him need a comeback song fi di airwaves so mi decide say mi a go collab wid him. Mi tell him the idea, pen out the song, link him and make him get the demo. Him say him love it and we just work wid it.”

Meanwhile Ninja Man has vowed that the song will be a platform for more new releases and a re-dedication to his musical endeavors: “Mi just a put things together so that the people can have one song every day, a di real Ninja Man ting, mi a take it serious. Make di fans know say the Gorgon is alive and kicking,” he told the STAR.

Intent on making his presence on the Dancehall circuit felt The Don Gorgon expressed notions of his superiority over his peers, suggesting he is ready to show who is really ‘boss.’ “Some a dem say dem a king, some say dem a queen, some say dem a prince, but mi a di emperor of the dancehall, mi a di grandfather of the dancehall, mi higher than everything.”

Let’s hope this will be the start of good things to come! Check out ‘The Don Gorgon Is Back’ below!



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