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New Caribbean Children’s Book, ‘Life Sucks!!’ Out Now

by D Fitz-Roberts
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Life Sucks! is about the life of a young boy who was a high school student growing up in the Caribbean in the 1970s who just didn’t fit in. He did all the wrong things to gain attention and even fell in love with the wrong girl who broke his heart just before his best and only friend died suddenly.

Life Sucks! teaches resilience, courage and belief in oneself. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems…Copies available on Amazon.com.

D Fitz-Roberts

D Fitz-Roberts

D Fitz-Roberts is a multi-talented writer on socio-economic issues having worked in journalism across the Caribbean (Grenada, Guyana and BVI) in the 90s. He has worked in London with Black Britain Online, New Nation Newspaper and Caribbean Times. An academic with a passion for research on distributed ledger technologies in emerging economies he is keen to see the Caribbean embrace bitcoin and blockchain technologies to keep pace with the west. He writes periodically for mainstream publications and is the founder of CaribDirect.com. He is also the author of Caribbean children’s book LifeSucks! available on Amazon.


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