‘All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream’ – is the famous line by Edgar Allen Poe that opened ‘Reflections’ last Sunday, November 11, 2012 at the Theatre Guild.

Nelsion Nurse surely did not disappoint, as he carefully planned, directed, and executed a well thought out choreography that lead through stages of inspiration, motivation, challenges and realization.

Supporting designers on the line up were Designer Portfolio 2012 winners: Andy Cummings, Shemeza Subrattie and Mwanza Glen. Other guest designers were Wynetta Jones and Natasha David who presented memorable collections at  Guyana Fashion Weekend 2010.

The former, her specialty being work with textile art on fabric, and the latter working with organic substances. Also on the line up were exotic and creative dances by the Sassy Revelers Dance Group, and lyrical renditions by Quacey Cox and Jackie Hanover who added perfectly to the mood and flow.

Sonia Noel, who has endorsed the show, also displayed her collection called ‘Shades of Sunset’ which came just before Nelsions line; some call it an interesting climax before the storm hit the runway.

‘I always knew he was special even before he won most promising designer at Guyana Fashion Weekend 2010. Nelsion is a great example to young people who dare to dream’ – Sonia Noel

Nelsion Nurse didn’t sit on his laurels since his début winning collection ‘Patches’ back in 2010 at Guyana Fashion Weekend 4. He has been consistently active, working in various facets of the creative industry since that hallmark introduction.

He has been doing Costume Art for Children and Adult bands, Set Designs for Public and Private sector entities and has worked closely as the Production Assistant for Caribbean Fashion Guru and Expert, Richard Young, for  Guyana Fashion Weekend and Guyana Model Search and Designers Portfolio.

He has also won various Best Gown Awards at Pageantry, including Miss Guyana Talented Teen and Ms. Amerindian Heritage. With children, he works with different schooling groups to teach movement and craft. There is no telling where his creative energies can be channeled.

Popular Radio, TV and Stage Personality, Russel Lancaster took the patrons through a program laced with exquisite designs and breathtaking works of art as Nelsion and his supporting designers gave us an evening to remember.

Nelsions collection, Mystic Fury, saw interesting fusions of Red, Black and White, reminiscent of a storm that leaves an impression and his mark to impress upon the world, that he is indeed ready.

Now he feels very grounded, having presented his first major collection, Mystic Fury, which is a dialogue with his spirit, telling his own journey through fabric selection, style, and silhouette.

He crafts designs that speak volumes about his own metamorphosis or becoming. His mother, Joan Woolford has been a great influence, a person whom he uses to bounce off many of his ideas and plans; not necessarily for sanction, but for motivation.

He is a sharing soul and that is why this endeavour could not have been possible without the other designers and also the help of some special believers like Fashion Extraordinaire Sonia Noel, past Designer Portfolio winner John Quelch, Kofi Branch of Kobra Management Caribbean, Sade Richardson, Carles Griffith, Jermaine Broomes, Wayne Barrow, Sanjay Puran, Gillian James of Willows Bridal Boutique, and Lennox Cush of Star Party Rentals.

Nelsion has also inspired and paved the way for young creative energy, mentoring fashion and set designers, and always finding a way for them to exercise their passion.