Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

‘His eyes were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen’ my friend, Carla  said dreamily ‘As blue as the Caribbean Sea…I could just lose myself in those eyes’ So obviously my friend, Carla was smitten with this guy. We talked about him for a couple hours and laughed about some of the things he said. Some weeks after, I finally got to meet the one who occupied my friend’s almost every thought.

It was a joyfully bright and cool day in our beautiful ‘likkle’ island. I arrived at exactly 1 am at Carla’s house and saw her laughing on her veranda with her beloved.

I hugged Carla and said ‘hi’ to Mr. Blue Eyes.

‘Hi, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you’ he replied with wrinkled eyes.

‘Ditto’ I said. We chatted a bit, he seemed like a good guy. I watched Carla as she looked at him through the 15.6″ Acer Monitor; she was the happiest I’ve ever seen her with a guy. Distance was just a matter of centimeters when it came to what the heart wants.

She’s never felt this way about any guy she’s dated in Jamaica or anyone she met in U.S.A or even in the other Caribbean countries. My friend Carla, had to go get involved with a male in Scotland…. Can it work? They have already decided it will so that’s not the issue here. So far they’ve been ‘dating’ for four (4) months and before they’ve been friends for several years. How will it work? Not as how they would like it but they’re making the most of it.

Michael Ealy. Photo courtesy

Michael Ealy. Photo courtesy

Of course, they would prefer face to face dates than virtual ones. It would be ideal if they could be within super close walking distance for Valentine, birthdays, Christmas but life is not ideal. Should they give up because the odds are not in both their favour? Many people have said it’s the logical thing to do. However, they believe in whatever they feel and that nothing has compared to this.

‘There’s not a guarantee that it will work’ Carla said to me when I expressed my concerns ‘But we know we have to try; he could cheat, lie, pretend, have a baby mother somewhere out there but haven’t we ladies already been through this with men whom we actually live with?… I love him whether he’s near or far.

That’s all that matters for now’ We talked a bit more about our concerns of a long distance relationship. At the end of the conversation, I found that she was contented with Mr. Blue Eyes. He could do her worse or he could do her better or he could do her the best. Time will tell.

What do you think? Can long distance relationships work to you? and if yes, how?

Join me next time for a little bit more of Carla’s Story.