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Must-Visit Historical Places Around The World

by Emma Joyce
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Discovering historical sites around the world is like setting out on an enthralling voyage through time to piece together the intricate web of millennia-old human civilization. Every site offers a different window into the past, influencing our comprehension of the world’s varied cultures and civilizations, from the imposing pyramids of Egypt to the secluded ruins of Machu Picchu and the magnificence of the Acropolis in Athens. These must-see historical sites promise to pique your interest and leave a lasting impression on your travels, whether you’re a history buff or just interested in the past. They provide deep insights into the struggles and triumphs of ancient peoples and the enduring legacy they’ve left behind.

The Pyramids of Giza: Egypt’s Timeless Icons

The Pyramids of Giza, which tower magnificently above the sandy plains of Egypt, continue to captivate the attention of tourists from all over the world as timeless representations of the magnificence and inventiveness of antiquity. Constructed more than 4,500 years ago as towering tombs for pharaohs, these enormous constructions still awe with their exact alignment and commanding presence, symbolizing the great riches and power of ancient Egypt’s kings. Explore Egypt’s illustrious past, where gods and pharaohs once ruled supreme and left a legacy that endures to this day, and marvel at the Great Pyramid, the last surviving wonder of the ancient world.

Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Incas

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Machu Picchu, which is tucked away among the mist-covered peaks of the Peruvian Andes, invites travelers with its mysterious ruins and breathtaking views, providing a fascinating window into the world of the Inca empire. This “Lost City of the Incas” was thought to be a royal residence or a hallowed holy location. It was kept secret from the outside world until 1911, when American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered it again, igniting a flurry of curiosity and investigation. Walk the fabled Inca Trail or take a scenic train to experience the mystical aura of this UNESCO World Heritage site, where the echoes of long-gone ceremonies and rituals still seem to reverberate through the mist-clad mountains. You may also witness the engineering brilliance of ancient times.

Alula: Saudi Arabia’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away in Saudi Arabia’s immense deserts, Alula is a monument to the ancient civilizations and rich cultural legacy of the kingdom, yet it is still mostly unknown to the general public. Discover the intersection of trade and culture on the Arabian Peninsula with breathtaking Alula, a place with well-preserved ancient ruins dating back thousands of years and towering sandstone cliffs covered with artistic carvings. Discover the ruins of the Nabateans and Lihyanites, two ancient civilizations that once flourished in this oasis in the desert, and be amazed by the breathtaking petroglyphs and rock formations that serve as reminders of the area’s rich past. Visitors have the opportunity to watch this hidden gem emerge as efforts to protect and promote Alula’s cultural riches pick up steam.

Petra: Rose City Carved in Stone

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Tucked away in Jordan’s rough desert gorges is Petra, an ancient city that the Nabateans sculpted into the rosy-hued sandstone cliffs over two millennia ago. Petra offers an amazing fusion of natural beauty and man-made architectural marvels. Travel through the Siq, a small canyon surrounded by tall rock walls, and you’ll arrive at the Treasury, Petra’s most famous facade that is steeped in mystery and intrigue. Discover the mysteries of this once-thriving caravan city along the old trade routes, where the sounds of busy markets and vibrant cultural exchanges still linger amidst the silent stones. Explore the maze-like ruins, which include royal tombs, temples, and a Roman theater.

The Acropolis of Athens: Cradle of Western Civilization

With its ageless majesty and historic significance, the Acropolis, perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking Athens, stands as a testament to the birth of democracy and the golden age of ancient Greece. This holy fortress, which was home to famous buildings like the Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Propylaea, was the hub of Athenian culture and authority and a symbol of creative excellence and enlightenment in antiquity. This is also a perfect place if you are looking to buy a property in Europe and have a place to stay. Stroll among the marble ruins, decorated with elaborate sculptures and friezes, and imagine a period when, in the whispers of olive trees and temple pillars, philosophers pondered the meaning of life and left their imprint on human history.

The Forbidden City: China’s Imperial Splendor

Visit the Forbidden City, a vast complex of palaces, halls, and pavilions in the center of Beijing, to get a look into the lavish way of life and intricate rituals of the Chinese imperial court. This is a great way to see the imperial realm of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Over 600 years of history, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, this UNESCO World Heritage site functioned as the political and ceremonial hub of Chinese governance. It was closed to the general public for centuries. Explore the elaborate gardens and courtyards that are decorated with colorful rooftops and dragon designs to get a glimpse of the extravagant way of life of China’s emperors and their royal court, where tradition and strength came together to create a breathtaking show of imperial magnificence.

The attraction of historical locations survives as a timeless reminder of our common heritage and the achievements of human endeavor in a world brimming with modern marvels and technical miracles. Traveling through Egypt, Peru, Greece, Jordan, or China to follow in the footsteps of ancient civilizations offers a different perspective on the world, enhancing our knowledge of it and motivating the next generation to value and conserve our cultural heritage.

Emma Joyce

Emma Joyce

Emma Joyce is an interior blogger from Sydney who likes to explore different styles and learn about home upgrading. She enjoys exploring new places so reading about the world’s most beautiful places is what gets her going. She hopes she’ll find a great beach house to live in one day. Until then, she likes recreating some of the most amazing coastal interiors.


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