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Music Maestro: Episode 8 – Featuring I-Jah Bones ‘Trampling the Beast’

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Ijah Bones

My aspiration is to do Jah’s work spiritually and musically to uplift all minds to consciousness and righteousness. I-jah Bones

Ronald St. John Thomas A.K.A I-jah Bones is a devoted father, son and a man favored by the most high who was born on August 22, in the cool hills of Mandeville, Manchester Jamaica.  He grew up in the Green Vale Housing Scheme where he first attended the Anglican Basic School in succession.

Father and son

His tenure at these most noted schools was extremely successful as he excelled in academics as well as sports.  (Football and Soccer).He is known for his extremely infectious rhythms that are fully packed with messages of worldwide crises, humanity and to extend an understanding of things that affect us on a day to day basis.

Ijah Bones Bel Air Prep School 11 years old

I-Jah’s introduction to the world of music began with his early exposure to hard rock, as this was the preferred music form listened too by his peers at these learning institutions.  During his fifth (5th) year at Belair, a youth called Dwight Mc. Kilmont introduced I-Jah to a cassette with patois being rapped over an extremely infectious rhythm.

He was immediately enchanted by this “new” sound as he saw it as a new form of poetry, an art form which he loved dearly. He immediately began to imitate the artists he heard on the cassette and soon his craving for more of the music he now knew as “Dance Hall Music” encouraged him to seek and purchase several cassettes of the Dance Hall icons of that period. Soon his collection would boast the likes of Brigadier Jerry, Nicodemus and Josey Wales.

Josey Wales

Preceding a brief study of the masters and much practice I-Jah decided to display his newly developed skills at his school concerts. His initial efforts were resounding successes and soon he was a fixture on the program of all concerts held at his school. Due to Blacka G’s influence, I-Jah began to Deejay to the dancehall masses who, immediately warmed to his rapid-fire lyrics and versatility.

As his popularity grew he met several artist including General Degree and Garnet Silk. Soon it became obvious that the vibe which existed between him and these two performers was truly mystic and they began to roam the dance hall circuit as a devastating trio, crushing well known acts such as Super Cat and Tony Rebel on their road to recognition as the resident Dee Jays for the Crystal Rock Sound System.

Brigadier Jerry

He has been in the recording industry since 1989 where I-Jah and Degree left Mandeville and headed for Kingston to claim their place among the rulers of the Dance Hall Genre.

He formed a musical and spiritual relationship with the late great Garnett Silk, who tutored him in the philosophy and foundation of the Rastafarian faith. Garnet’s untimely death then followed in December 1994 and this left him in a state of total shock and for several weeks he mourned the loss of his suddenly departed brethren.

Garnett Silk

The effect of this incident caused I-Jah to retreat from the lime light of the music business for a couple of years. However, In 1996 I-jah was contacted by a promoter from Miami who encouraged him to perform on a show in Cayman. There he met “Diavallan Fearon” of the “Builders Music Company”.

Diavallan immediately recognized I-Jah’s talent and upon returning to Jamaica invited him to voice on the “Final Mission Rhythm”. The hit single “TRAMPLE THE BEAST” was the result of this collaboration, which culminated further into an album with the same title.

He voiced on several tracks for Mixing Lab Studio with the first opportunity given by Roy Francis with the title track “NO TO DRUGS”, which was featured on a top 10 various artist albums in England. I-Jah is inspired by the work of Garnet Silk, Bob Marley, Israel Vibration, Spiritual Reggae Music and Haile Selassie.

His aspiration is to do Jah’s work spiritually and musically to uplift all minds to consciousness righteousness. Ijah Bones is now signed to JamDung Entertainment LLC where he is currently writing and preparing to begin work on his 3rd Album. However, he is honored to add Author to his life journey.

Releasing his 1st Rastafarian Book entitled Rastafar I African Redemption; www.rasafroredemp.com it is his goal to travel worldwide providing the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Emperor King Haile Selassie I.  Taking a quote from the his book it is his belief that: “We need well qualified people who are proud of being Ethiopians; people who are proud of being Africans; people who are prepared to execute the plans that have already been envisioned”.

There is a lot more greatness expected from Ijah bones so keep it locked.           Please Join CaribDirect, Sandal Solé® and Music Maestro as we highlight IJAH BONES IJAH BONES OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.rasafroredemp.com

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