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MUSIC MAESTRO: Episode 5 – Featuring Spla’Ijah

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“Reggae to me is like food to the brain, just like we need food to survive in this physical realm, the brain needs music to relax the body from its daily work- Spla’Ijah DE I’ Cient Warriyah


                     Family                     Lockhart Elementary School    MadaNile/Earthentic

Lorenzo Simmonds aka Spla’IJah was born on the beautiful island of Tortola, BVI. However, at age 5 he moved to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands with his family.

It was in the third grade while playing the clarinet in the Lockhart Elementary School Band, which cultivated his interest in music. Artists in his father’s roots reggae collections included the late greats’ Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Culture, and Peter Tosh.

He also drew musical inspiration from fellow Virgin Islander Artistes like Mada Nile, Earthentic, Ambush and Volcano, who aided him in developing a style of his own.

By age 15, after being a part of the Addelita Cancryn Junior High School choir class, Spla’IJah began chanting about his life experiences in schools and in the ghettos.

As the struggle persisted, Spla’IJah observed all things carefully, with a positive mission in mind. In 2008, out of the collaboration with Kingz Bread Entertainment Inc. four EP releases occurred.

Although most of the songs stay in heavy rotation, the lead single Real Empress remains in heavy rotation around the world in places like Virgin Islands, US, Europe, UK, and France.

Real Empress was also featured on VI Reggae Gold Vol 2 in December 2009 which kept him quite busy touring the East Coast that year. In 2010 he released his first mix tape called “In the Zone” with “Askella Sounds” which received tremendous demand worldwide.

Spla’IJah’s songs continue to probe into a wide range of issues including: cultural living, love for nature and black women, strengthening of all people, the Rastafarian faith, with its advocacy of repatriation, love and creating a united front.

Songs like FEEL SO GOOD was created out of an overall reflection of his life and giving thanks for the many blessings of Jah to allow him to continue to strive”.. EMPRESS OF MINE pays tribute to all women who support their Kings through the thick and thin, while keeping the balance between him being grounded and progressive.

LOVE GO speaks to the youth informing them that they do not have to resort to violence and hate, yet to be mindful of how they live their lives and the importance of respect.

DEFENDER OF THE FAITH- works without faith is nothing therefore you must keep the faith in spite of all adversities.

NO PLACE-which features VI artistes, Ambush and Karan Jah, addresses the illusion built around Black people building empires for Babylon instead of building our own communities. It discusses the importance of us as a people becoming free of the bondage of mental slavery.

After opening a show for Volcano, his musical career took an upward turn that led to other shows with other notable artistes such as Tuff Lion, Army, Ras Iba, Ras Attitude, Bugle, Third World to name a few.

In addition, he has been on various collaborations with Brimstone Productions, Lion Tribe Family and Project Groundation Massive out of California. He is currently between the BVI, St. Thomas and St. Croix writing and collaborating on his upcoming album, while performing locally and preparing to voice on the upcoming World Roots CD.

Turning 30 in 2012 is a great accomplishment according to Splaijah considering how many of his friends who have lost their lives to crime and senseless killings, his plan is to trod through life maintaining his voice of reason through his musical gifts. Expect more from the young warrior Spla’IJah to come in the near future.

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http://youtu.be/oWdRbqMxHFQ LOVE GO http://youtu.be/cIBrVUgYzdQ
FEELS SO GOOD http://soundcloud.com/splaijah





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